7 Things Scarier than the 7 Minutes of Terror


1. A Sunday morning without a decent cup of tea.

Source: Flickr/ Kaldiri

2. A Saturday night without a pensive snifter of bourbon.

Source: Flickr/ bradleypjohnson

3. International air travel with a 20-month-old infant on your lap.

Source: Flickr/ James Emery

4. Climate change.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. The mass denial of the existence of climate change.

Source: Flickr/ Peter

6. The idea that, to eat healthily, we must model the diet of humans who never lived past 40 years of age.

Source: Flickr/ Lord Jim

7. Hearing from your 11-year-old daughter that she wants to go to a school with "cute boys."

Source: Flickr/ angie M. photography

(And one more, for good luck.)

8. One's 15 minutes of fame.

Source: Adam Steltzner