Lane Wallace

Lane Wallace is a pilot and adventure writer. She is the author of Surviving Uncertainty: Taking a Hero's Journey.

  • The Ghosts of Christmas Present

    Of all the presents I've ever given, the best reaction, ever, was to a battery-operated toy puppy I gave my three-and-a-half-year-old niece one…

  • A Pound of Flesh

    For the most part, I've been watching the unfolding drama surrounding Tiger Woods with a bit of detachment. I am, to be sure, exceedingly glad that I…

  • Inexcusable Pilot Excuses

    Like many people (including my Atlantic colleague Jim Fallows), when I first heard about Northwest Airlines Flight 188 going radio silent for 75…

  • Scientists in the Bunker

    The first thought that crossed my mind, reading about the embarrassing leak of emails from climate scientists at the University of East Anglia--a…

  • Who Needs the Grid?
    Stephen Savage

    Who Needs the Grid?

    A new fuel-cell technology promises to revolutionize access to cheap, clean energy.

  • Oprah's Chicago School of Economics

    How on earth did Oprah Winfrey--an unlikely media mogul if there ever was one--get so popular, powerful and rich, all at the same time? Ever since…

  • Getting the Gurus We Deserve

    In a democracy, it is said, we get the government we deserve. The same can be said of bestselling guru prescriptives. Malcolm Gladwell's new book…

  • A Skewed View of Normal

    The front page of Sunday's New York Times carried an eye-opening story about statements a number of Congressional Representatives--both Republican…

  • Predicting the End of the World

    The movie 2012 opens Friday, predicated on the notion that on December 21, 2012, as the most recent Mayan long-form calendar cycle (5,125.366…

  • What's Lost When A Language Dies

    There's been a certain poignancy to Veteran's Day, in recent times, as the very last keepers of exactly what November 11th means close their aging…

  • The Berlin Wall: A Lesson in Change

    There's been a lot of discussion, this week, about whether President Obama has fulfilled enough promises or expectations of change since his election…

  • Marathon Elitism

    In the extensive coverage surrounding the 40th running of the New York City marathon this past weekend, more than one piece questioned whether…

  • New Notes on the Uses of Music

    I have often felt a little envious of my professional musician friends. Not for the obvious reasons (getting to play in a band and get paid for it,…

  • Enough About Amelia

    On Friday, the latest biopic about Amelia Earhart -- this one a $20 million feature film starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere -- opens in theaters…

  • Brains, Books and the Future of Print

    Are print books really about to disappear, overtaken like horse-drawn carriages in the age of Detroit and the Ford Model T? Truth is, nobody knows.…

  • Reality-Show Journalism?

    "It seemed like a good idea at the time." This sheepish and quintessential explanation of really bad ideas put forth into the world was uttered, I'm…

  • Unintended Consequences

    In the 1840s, a French economist named Frederic Bastiat wrote:In the economic sphere, an act, a habit, an institution, a law produces not only one…

  • Can Good Leadership Be Learned?

    At first glance, I thought that Alan Deutschman's new book, Walk the Walk: The #1 Rule for Real Leaders, was an exercise in belaboring the obvious.…

  • Can Creative Genius Lead to Madness?

    Every strength has a flip side, as my mother always says. The same communication trait that makes it easy for me to write volumes of words also means…

  • On Language, Art ... and Getting the Point Across

    In every field, there are artists who rise above the rest of us. I look up and marvel at the beauty of the stars. My Uncle Ned, who's a…


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