Justin Miller

Justin Miller was an associate editor at The Atlantic from 2009 to 2011. He is now the homepage editor at New York magazine. More

Justin Miller was a associate editor at The Atlantic. Previously he was an assistant editor at RealClearPolitics, a political reporter in Ohio, and a freelance journalist.
  • Seniors Sour on Health Care Reform, Just Like Social Security Changes

    Democrats are running into the same trouble with health care reform as Republicans did with Social Security several years ago: senior citizen support…

  • UAW: MIA

    The United Autoworkers Union is missing in action from a congressional hearing on the auto bailout today. You could be excused for not hearing that…

  • Waterloo Or Verdun?

    Competing battle analogies for health care.

  • Pollsters, Put Ron Paul In

    The Republican electorate is moving in the libertarian's direction.

  • How to Defeat and Defend the Surtax

    The health care debate is about to become a tax debate now that House Democrats have unveiled their health care plan that would levy a new tax on 2…

  • Obama The Lefty To Throw Out First Pitch

    Obama (0-0, 0.00 ERA) will try to deliver a strike at the All-Star Game.

  • Grading Obama On A Curve In Ohio

    Obama's approval has dropped to 49% in Ohio, according to one poll. Justin Miller dissects.

  • Media Shields Up!

    While the stimulus debate consumes all attention, a bill to enhance journalists' rights has been introduced in Congress. A federal shield law to…

  • Don't Bail

    Republican primaries in three competitive 2010 U.S. Senate races may see attacks from the right on candidates who voted for the financial bailout…

  • Behind The Palin Pull Out

    Sarah Palin is pulling back from her post-election media spree by withdrawing from CPAC, a move that can only help her if she wants a national…

  • Dems Find Their Man For Ohio

    Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (D) has made public what's been known privately for months: his desire to run for U.S. Senate.  Fisher filed paperwork to…

  • What's Ron Paul Up To?

    It's an economic crisis he largely predicted -- so what's former presidential candidate / Rep. Ron Paul up to these days?  He's thinking about the…

  • Michigan's Clout

    Next week, Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) will become the longest-serving House member in history, but that doesn't mean his home state won't continue to…

  • Liberals, Lieberman and 2012

    We're going to look way into the future here, when Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is up for re-election.


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