Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a former senior editor at The Atlantic.

  • Yes, Larry Summers is Leaving

    The Washington rumor mill is abuzz with talk that Larry Summers might be on his way out of the White House. Here's why the buzz may be right

  • Baloney, Michael Steele (Updated)

    RNC chairman Michael Steele claims he's the victim of racism. Nonsense. Far from being a problem, race is all that's standing between Steele and a pink slip.

  • George W. Bush Goes Green

    File this one under "Story Most Likely to be Written Off as an April Fool's Joke--But Isn't": George W. Bush will headline the American Wind Energy…

  • Taking Job Loss in Stride

    Good to see that David Frum isn't taking it too hard...

  • Will a Jump in Mortgage Rates Kill the Recovery?

    The Fed is ends an important program today that has held down mortgage rates. If they jump, the economy could find itself in trouble.

  • Full Circle

    I just returned from Capitol Hill, where the new health care law is still the preoccupying issue, and the Republican talking point du jour, which…

  • Dead Wrong

    Journalism's code holds that if you're going to re-report someone else's story, you're supposed to mention the source

  • David Frum, Insurgent Leader?

    Watching the David Frum saga unfold, culminating with his being fired from the American Enterprise Institute yesterday and essentially purged from…

  • Health Care's Hidden Benefit

    In the wake of any new law, predictions come fast and furious--see Megan, Ezra, Megan, etc. Many are interesting and serve as useful devices for…

  • Pelosi's Moment

    Last night's Democratic triumph may have saved Barack Obama's presidency, but it's Nancy Pelosi's moment right now. Glowing profiles of her appeared…

  • The Political Strategy Behind Tiger's Comeback

    An interview with Clinton strategist Chris Lehane about what Tiger needs to do

  • Eric Massa's Navy Files

    Former shipmates say their lieutenant commander groped subordinates

  • The Massa Lawsuit

    Documents relating to Sanford Dickert's lawsuit of Eric Massa

  • Inside Man
    Steve Pyke

    Inside Man

    Congress members accuse Timothy Geithner of coddling Wall Street. Wall Street accuses him of abetting socialism. Yet when the history books are written, Geithner will be recognized as Barack Obama’s key lieutenant in the struggle to right the economy and fix the finance system. Economically, Geithner’s plan has worked better and more cheaply than anyone could have imagined a year ago. Politically, it threatens to undermine Obama’s presidency. Is Geithner a courageous public servant doing the right thing? Or have his years as a player in global finance made him loath to change an industry that needs fundamental reform?

  • Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead
    Zachariah O’Hora

    Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

    The Grateful Dead Archive, scheduled to open soon at the University of California at Santa Cruz, will be a mecca for academics of all stripes: from ethno­musicologists to philosophers, sociologists to historians. But the biggest beneficiaries may prove to be business scholars and management theorists, who are discovering that the Dead were visionary geniuses in the way they created “customer value,” promoted social networking, and did strategic business planning.

  • What SHE said

    Can I retweet? This nails it: "Response Better Than Expected, But Not Actually Good"...and on this happy note of accord, I bid you all good night.

  • What HE said

    Yes, "gossamer of diversity on a very white party"--THAT's what I meant. Thank you, Marc. Well said! (P.S. Do you suppose they're actors?)

  • Mini-Me McDonnell

    Maybe it's the beer, but there's something about the tiny, tiny venue and audience that strikes me as hilarious. Doll-house like. Like he's speaking…

  • Republican Quotas

    I see Gov. McDonnell's advance person is very diligent: African-American? Check. Asian? Check. Military person? Check. Blonde woman so people don't…

  • Late-Breaking Snark

    Buddy writes: Thought bubble over Patrick Kennedy's head: "I should have never taken that Ambien." He was literally holding his eyelids open. I half…


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