Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a former senior editor at The Atlantic.

  • Gun-Toting Governors

    File this one under "Stories that should shock--but don't, really":Pistol-packing Texas Gov. Rick Perry...told The Associated Press on Tuesday he…

  • Will Palin Run, or Won't She?

    The former governor seems to like money more than politics

  • Oh Yeah?

    I see that Andrew Sullivan has responded with bug-eyed alarm to my suggestion that Sarah Palin might not run for president. I've got some stuff to do…

  • Sarah Palin, Inc.

    In the new issue of New York magazine, Gabriel Sherman takes a revealing look at the business of being Sarah Palin. Upshot: it's lucrative. He…

  • Tebow

    Horrible, horrible pick. He'll flame out in three years, get elected to Congress.

  • Mike Allen Is Good for Long-Form Journalism

    He's taking a lot of criticism for speed and hype, but the Playbook author delivers more than that

  • The New $100 Bill (Updated)

    Just got a press release from Treasury touting Tim Geithner's unveiling of the new $100 bill and directing me to to marvel at the…

  • Why the Internet Was Invented

    We pause today's health care programming to bring you this (via my buddy): Crazy Russian dude singing: Aaaaaand, the remix:Yup. That'll kill 10…

  • Public Option Might Not Be Dead

    Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, says that Congress isn't finished with health care--and in fact has only just begun

  • New iPhone or Rovean Plot?

    Like Megan, I've seen the Gizmodo video, and yes, it's pretty convincing. Nevertheless, some small part of me wonders if it isn't an elaborate head…

  • Goldman's Biggest Sucker

    The SEC's fraud complaint raises lots of questions, including this one: Why are Germans such lousy investors?

  • No Respect for Romney

    Even the Beltway press openly lampoons the possible presidential candidate's stereotype as an opportunist

  • Inbred Jed Returns!

    American's favorite B-movie zombie is back with a new flick. If you have the stomach for it, see Jed Rowen in "Dahmer vs. Gacy"

  • 'The Atlantic', Your Gen X Magnet

    You may not have noticed, but your favorite Gen X actors and musicians are suddenly writing for 'The Atlantic'

  • A Fun Way to Learn the Dangers of Derivatives

    When arcane policy issues take center stage in Washington, as derivatives have this week, it can be difficult to get a handle on what exactly is at…

  • Beyond Snorkeling

    A new Washington Post story on disgraced Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) shows just how aggressive, pervasive, and appalling was his conduct during his short…

  • Hillary to the Supreme Court?

    The short list to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens doesn't appear to include Hillary Clinton. But a number of smart commentators, and at…

  • Dick Vermeil: Football Legend, and Winemaker?

    Budweiser might have an iron grip on Super Bowl commercials, but one retired coach has swapped pigskin for vines

  • The GOP's Race Problem, in Numbers

    Word is, J.C. Watts gave an impassioned speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference yesterday, which might help the GOP regain some…

  • Meet the Grateful Dead Archivist

    Jon Stewart may joke about it, but the overseer of the legendary jam band's copious archives has just been selected


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