Jim Manzi

Jim Manzi is Founder and Chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company. He is In also a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a Contributing Editor of National Review, where he writes frequently for both the print and online editions on topics related to science, technology, business and economics.
  • Do CEOs Matter? Absolutely.

    Harris Collingwood has an article in the current edition of The Atlantic that raises the question "Do CEOs Matter?"  His answer to this question, as…

  • Emissions Equity

    Ryan Avent believes my arguments about the moral obligations of the developed world are misguided - or to quote Ryan directly, "strange." Let me…

  • How to Think About Waxman-Markey: A Response

    I've generally kept my climate change monomania off this business blog, but Ryan Avent has brought the bacillus here. He starts his post with a very…

  • Carbon Offsets

    Megan McArdle makes the obviously correct point that CO2 offsets are basically nonsense because of measurement problems.  I'm a lot more cynical…

  • Is Warren Buffett Brilliant or Lucky?

    Despite his riches, should we care what Warren Buffett thinks?

  • Detroit's Predictable Failure

    GM and Chrysler tomorrow reach the March 31 deadline, presented to them last December when they received many billions of dollars of taxpayer funds,…

  • Management by headline

    Just as the GM restructuring "plan" was a clarifying illustration of why industrial policy rarely works very well, the current outrage over the AIG…

  • Duration, not rate

    There are a lot of headlines screaming about how the U.S. unemployment rate is exploding, and has now reached levels not seen since 1983.  The…

  • Talk and walk

    Higher taxes will tend to depress entrepreneurship, as they reduce the payout from a successful company exit. One effect of huge deficits is the…

  • Homogeneous economicus

    Conor Clarke points to Greg Mankiw's table of propositions to which most economists agree. This list is from Mankiw's economics textbook, so I assume…

  • Stimulus predictions: put up or shut up

    Here's a liberating statement: while I am skeptical of the proposed stimulus bill, I don't know what net impact it would have on the…

  • Do political actions affect economic growth?

    Last week, Steven Landsburg pointed to a striking chart that shows remarkable stability in the growth rate of US GDP per capita over two centuries. I…

  • Memo from the department of dangerous predictions

    Fortune has an article up saying that "economists and executives believe that this time tech won't lead the country out of its slump", the way…

  • Popper is my homeboy: a manifesto

    Will Wilkinson has an amusing series of posts demonstrating increasing frustration with the macroeconomic arguments about the stimulus proposal. In…

  • A nation of children, drowning in debt

    I went to a local Best Buy to get a digital camcorder as a present last week, and saw something truly horrifying.Two camcorders were on display next…

  • Reality bites

    In December, GM approached the federal government and claimed that they were within 30 days of bankruptcy with ~$10 billion in the bank because this…


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