Jeannette Lee

Jeannette Lee is an Atlantic Media Fellow. Previously, she worked as an Associated Press reporter in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • I visited an ER with a friend recently, and nurses, docs, lab techs were interrogating the patient over their shoulder while making entries in the…

  • The Chamber Watches Itself On Climate Change

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, under fire from key members for its opposition to Democratic climate-change legislation, distributed a letter…

  • One way the modern American media dumb us down is by their insistence on being able to focus on only one story, one country at a time. Pakistan is…

  • Organizational size has made possible the amazing affluence that defines 21st century life in advanced countries, and as affluence grows elsewhere so…

  • Justice Souter's Dream

    A day after announcing his retirement, Justice David Souter hinted at the approach to jurisprudence he might want to see in his replacement. Souter…


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