Jane Hirshfield

  • Perspective

    Paints one wall darker than the other, making a corner. Makes one leaf more red than another, leaving a tree. Blocks with a headline, a smoke…

  • For the Lichens

    Back then, what did I know? The names of subway lines, buses. How long it took to walk twenty blocks. Uptown and downtown. Not north, not…

  • Poetry: Jane Hirshfield, 'The Bell Zygmunt'

    Hear the author read her poem, originally published in the March 2004 issue of "The Atlantic"

  • The Conversation

    A woman moves close: there is something she wants to say. The currents take you one direction, her another. All night you are aware of her…

  • Of Yield and Abandon

    A muscular, thick-pelted woodchuck, created in yield, in abandon, lifts onto his haunches. Behind him, abundance of ferns, a rock…

  • Vinegar and Oil

    Wrong solitude vinegars the soul, right solitude oils it. How fragile we are, between the few good moments. Coming and going unfinished,…

  • Pyracantha and Plum

    Last autumn's chastened berries still on one tree, spring blossoms seeming tender, hopeful, on another. The view from this window. much as it was…

  • The Bell Zygmunt

    For fertility, a new bride is lifted to touch it with her left hand, or possibly kiss it. The sound close in, my friend told me later, is almost…

  • Apple

    APPLE by Jane Hirshfield. I woke and remembered. nothing of what I was dreaming. The day grew light, then dark again -- In all its rich…

  • Three Foxes

    One ran, her nose to the ground, a rusty shadow. neither hunting nor playing. One stood; sat; lay down; stood again. One never moved, except…


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