American Bigshots Doing the Country Proud Overseas

By James Fallows

1) Hillary Clinton, genuinely funny and admiration-generating in a stint this week with two of Australia's broadcast comics, Hamish and Andy. Really, this is worth watching for a side of Ms. Clinton she must not feel comfortable displaying that often in public back home:

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Starting around 4:10 he gives an impromptu aside -- enak, ya?, "delicious, right?", after talking about the food he loved as a child -- that sound entirely natural and also seems to illustrates a phenomenon very familiar among children who spent part of their upbringing outside their home country. They have a native-sounding accent, but a limited, child-level command of vocabulary and grammar. More on that at Language Log. And more on Policy Implications of the trip some other time too. For the moment, two American performance-moments that were seen as pluses overseas.

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