On Edge: Protestors in Thailand Await a Government Crackdown

By Jessica Olien
redshirt 1.jpg
Dr. Weng Tojirakarn, a Red Shirt leader, gives a characteristically long lecture from the red camp's main stage. Among many Thais, his name has become a synonym for talking nonsense -- as in, "Don't Weng with me."
redshirt 2.jpg
Seen through the barricade, protesters wait out the heat under a tent.
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A statue of King Rama VI rises above a barricade on the edge of Lumphini Park.
redshirt 4.jpg
A black-shirted informal security force takes a motorcycle past a makeshift supplies shop.
redshirt 5.jpg
Women wave noise-makers to show support during one of Dr. Weng's speeches.
redshirt 6.jpg
Women rest outside of a pick up truck that has served as their home for the last two months.
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A monk sets up photos of those killed during the April 10th clashes before a religious ceremony commemorating the event.
redshirt 8.jpg
One of several photo displays showing those killed in the April 10th violence.
redshirt 9a.jpg
Weng addresses a crowd of mostly women.
redshirt 10.jpg
Red paraphernalia for sale at the rally.
redshirt 11.jpg
A woman picks up trash from inside the barricade.
redshirt 12.jpg
A monk shows off a document containing images of advancing military.

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