Slovakia Is Not Happy With Jon Stewart

The Daily Show host joked that the country exports farts and is led by a cow. That didn't go over well.
Host Jon Stewart (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

In a segment on his popular The Daily Show this week, Jon Stewart's reaction to a  report on U.S. high-school pupils coming in 36th place, behind Slovakia, in a test comparing them to other countries' students has made him some enemies in Central Europe. 

"I always feel bad for whatever country is just above America on these lists," the comedian begins. "Because invariably that country is used as a standard for just how far we have fallen as a people."

"Thirty-sixth, beneath the Slovak Republic," he continues, slipping into an exaggerated presenter's voice. "I mean, those f***ing people eat their own vomit!"

Stewart goes on to say the Slovak president is a cow and "their main export is farts!"

Oddly enough, this mock roasting didn't go over too well with some in Slovakia. Comments on the show's website under the video by viewers with Slovak names seem more than a bit insulted.

"Only a really dumb person can make so pathetic jokes of a poorer country just because the yours is stealing from half of the world and therefore looks richer..."

"hmmm his primitive shows his 'intelligence' I think Slovakia did not reach US level of schools where sudents shoot each btw Slovakia is the biggest exporter of cars i the middle,eastern Europe. fuuuu his is so sad..."

"**** you america!!!!!!"

But that's just scratching the surface. The popular Slovak website headlines its reaction: "Attack on Slovakia in USA: Total mockery live on the air like you've never seen!" The article explains that Stewart was "so disillusioned by us doing better than Americans that he began vulgarly insulting Slovaks," and gives those insulted a chance to vent in the forum below.

Besides the constant references to Stewart being a "cretin" and how Americans shouldn't get so high and mighty—after all, they finished after Slovakia!—the hundreds of commenters unleash all the tabloid anti-Americanisms they can muster: American kids are so dumb because they're all shooting each other in school, Americans are fat, George W. Bush could barely read, Obama is a Black Muslim communist, Americans are cowboys shooting each other with hamburgers in hand, it all belonged to the Indians anyway, etc., etc.

So maybe Jon Stewart should remember: The whole world is watching! And they might not always quite get it....

This post appears courtesy of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

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