Hua Hsu

Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. More

Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Bookforum, Slate, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe Ideas section and The Wire (for whom he writes a bi-monthly column). He is on the editorial board for the New Literary History of America.
  • "Now the turkey's sulking."

    While I was sitting in Huerequeque's bar, next to me a pig kept rubbing with self-absorbed persistence against a case of beer. Then it disappeared…

  • Dear Summer

    Jay at Arthur with a nice post about the little-known Harlem Festival of 1969. He links to Nina Simone's entire performance, which is absolutely…

  • Thursday Mixes

    Chairman Mao -- who also runs a very fine blog here -- with an expert blend of Latin, boogie, disco, etc. "You need this." (Click on Radio Archive in…

  • It's Not A Vocoder

    "The harmonies are beautiful, man."An amazing clip of Roger Troutman and his talk box in action. Tech N9ne's fist pumps are especially charming. If…

  • The Tank Treads of History

    As we countdown toward the twentieth anniversary of June 4, it should be a frenetic week for China-watching (though probably not in China itself).…

  • Peace Connecticut

    On the road this week, so updates will be erratic, brief and pretty random:-"Look at that Fucking Hipster" (I recommend May 19 and April…

  • The Most Anticipated Dissertation of Our Time

    Cool but slightly weird: this December, Duke University Press will publish the completed but never revised dissertation of S. Ann Dunham, otherwise…

  • Thursday Mixes

    MIXES-Boogie on: Dam-Funk reminds you what the 80s really sounded like here.-His name is Paul Pre: You can always trust a German's taste in spacey…

  • "Recession-Proof Demographic"

    Piece in the Times yesterday about Vice, once merely a thorn-in-the-side magazine and now probably the only multi-everything lords of the tricky…

  • Ten Toes Takaki, R.I.P.

    Just heard from Oliver that the historian Ron Takaki passed away yesterday at the age of 70. Major bummer. When I was a student at Berkeley, Takaki's…

  • Has to be Grafite.

    The Guardian asks: what is your goal of the season?UK scientists: "Listening to football on the radio while driving is dangerous"Incredible headline…

  • Radio on the TV

    This morning I was reading some recent blog posts about the John Conyers-sponsored H.R. 848, otherwise known as the "Performance Rights Act,"…

  • "Who Got the Camera?"

    A: So let me get this straight.B: Okay, sure. Take all the time you need, sir.A: You want me to dress up like a police officer and run after some…

  • Thursday Mixes

    Worktime.Astounding trove of disco and boogie mixes from DJ Red Greg.Afterwork.Few humans follow contemporary dance music as closely as Philip…

  • Factory Records: Jia Zhangke

    Jia's Esquire spread was designed to look like the nineteen-eighties. When I asked, "What's with all the fire?" he broke into a mischievous grin…

  • "What happened to rap?"

    I participated in a conversation on hip-hop in the age of Obama with a couple other Atlantic affiliates. The N.W.A. clip from the Arsenio Hall show…

  • Eminem, Meet Obama

    A genre that once thrived by flipping off authority now has a place on the president's iPod. Where does rap go from here?

  • "I'ma search for the one that make my wealth feel poor"

    (In case you're wondering, that lyrical jewel is from Kobe Bryant's best forgotten "K.O.B.E.")Last night I read Grant Farred's Phantom Calls (part of…

  • Almost There: Thursday Mixes

    Each Thursday, links to our favorite podcasts, mixes, etc.-Mr. Thing and DJ Format present: HOLY SHIT, a collection of extraordinary (and weird)…

  • "Man, I love college"

    Mark Taylor's "End the University as We Know It" has been making the rounds for a couple of weeks now, and it slots nicely into an ongoing debate…


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