Garance Franke-Ruta

Garance Franke-Ruta is a former senior editor covering national politics at The Atlantic.

  • Obama promises a strong stand against earmarks: "if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it."

  • Obama approaches the topic of health care with a light touch. "Now, I've heard rumors that a few of you have some concerns about the new health care…

  • It's really striking that Obama's State of the Union at the start of the era in which it is widely acknowledged his legislative aims will be smaller…

  • Sputnik

    In the speech, Obama speaks of a "Sputnik moment" -- but also offers a brief history lesson for those too young to recall it. Which is pretty…

  • Not a word on gun control

    Tonight is about many things, but one of them, perhaps encouraged by the pressures of the 140-character tweet stream, is KEYWORDS. Ones the White…

  • An early speech

    Spurred by National Journal's publication of the full SOTU speech, the White House released the full version an hour before President Obama was…

  • Full SOTU Draft

    National Journal has obtained and published a full draft of President Obama's speech from a Democratic insider. The embargoed full version as…

  • Michele Bachmann's Response to the State of the Union

    The Tea Party Express response to Obama will highlight ways he can cut spending

  • Paul Ryan's Response to the State of the Union

    "We face a crushing burden of debt," Ryan will warn.

  • Obama's State of the Union Address: Transcript

    "This is our generation's Sputnik moment," Obama will say.

  • Text and Responses

    Just so this thoroughly manufactured event loses even more of its unscripted quality, here are: President Obama's advance speech excerpts. Paul Ryan…

  • Winning the Future

    One Twitter hashtag going around tonight is #winningthefuture, the theme and title of Obama's planned speech. Though you should probably also stick…

  • Some Economic Context

    Some economic context for the speech tonight, courtesy of the latest from the Gallup polling organization: 26 percent of the nation's unemployed…

  • Bachmann's Historical Airbrush

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who will be delivering a rebuttal to Obama tonight for the Tea Party Express, drew notice yesterday for remarks…

  • How Strong a Union?

    The Wall Street Journal's Louis Radnofsky compares some of the past words used to describe how the union is doing: The State of the Union address…

  • About That Budget Freeze

    So Obama will call for a ban on earmarks tonight and a budget freeze, ABC reports -- boldly coming out on behalf of a policy he has backed for years…

  • Who's Sitting with Whom?

    It's date night on the Hill -- or, at least, buddy night -- as lawmakers pledge to cross the aislesand sit with members of the opposite party. The…

  • Court Issues Stay, Keeping Rahm Emanuel on the Ballot

    Some good news for the Chicago mayoral hopeful

  • All the President's Men has helpfully compiled a nice little video with all the past Lenny Skutniks, as the regular men and women invited to State of the Union…

  • Joe Klein Hates SOTU Day

    Joe Klein hates the day of the State of the Union speech. Like really, really hates it. He writes: I especially hate the day before the State of the…


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