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How do I update my subscription?
Visit our subscriber help page.
If you want to reach customer service directly, or to cancel your subscription, please send an email, call, or write.



US and Canada: (800) 234-2411
International callers: (515) 237-3670
The Atlantic Customer Care
Po Box 37564
Boone, IA 50037-0564

Where can I read The Atlantic's Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer?
Our Terms and Conditions are available online.

What is The Atlantic's address and phone number?
Our address:
The Atlantic
The Watergate
600 New Hampshire Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

Our phone number: (202) 266-6000

How do I submit a letter to the Editor?
The Atlantic welcomes letters from its readers. Please use the form on the Contact Us page to submit mail for our Letters column or mail your letter to the address above. For your letter to be considered, you must include your phone number and postal address.

What is the difference between The Atlantic and CityLab?
The Atlantic
The Atlantic advances bold ideas on the urgent issues of our time. Since its inception in 1857, it has evolved into a multi-media must-read, illuminating fresh thinking on politics, business, technology, entertainment, and culture. It stirs vital national conversations through groundbreaking perspectives and a distinctively unbiased approach.

CityLab leads the conversation on building and living in the smart urban centers of today and tomorrow. From transportation and housing, to technology and design, to politics and entertainment, it uncovers the trends shaping our urban future and captures the unmatched creativity and vibrancy of city living.

Do you have a mobile application?
Yes. The Atlantic has a mobile application for iPhone and iPad and for Android -- The Atlantic Digital Edition, which includes the magazine and content from the site. Additionally, there is a mobile optimized version of our site that should be compatible with most smart phones.

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?
You can use our contact us page  to submit a question to the appropriate department of The Atlantic.

Website Support

I am having trouble printing your pages. What can I do to ensure acceptable print outs?
Check the print preview for the article that you wish to print. Some browsers may adjust the page by default. If this appears not to be the case, we make the following recommendations:

1. Set your browser's print options to "Shrink to fit page." Our pages are formatted for screen width; sometimes older browsers mistakenly print the last few characters of each line on a new page. Allowing your browser to fit the page to your printer's page width will eliminate this problem.

2. For ease of reading onscreen some longer articles are continued on multiple pages. On articles not equipped with the printer-friendly link, it will be necessary to print each of the article's segments in succession in order to print a complete copy.

Which Web browser is recommended for viewing the site?
Our site is designed to be fully supported by recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer 8 and later. There is also limited support for Internet Explorer 7.

The site is wider than my screen, forcing me to scroll horizontally. How can I see it all at once?
Most computers are capable of multiple screen resolutions. Higher resolutions fit more information onto the same monitor, the trade-off being that each pixel is just a bit smaller. We recommend setting your display to a resolution of 1024x768 or higher. This is accomplished via your system's control panel, rather than within the browser.

If you are using a Mac: Open the System Preferences application. Under Hardware, select Displays. Select a resolution greater than 1024x768.

If you are using a PC: Open the Control Panel from the Start button. Under Appearance and Personalization, go to Adjust screen resolution. Click the dropdown list next to resolution, and select a resolution higher than 1024x768.

I am having a hard time reading the small text on your site. Can I increase the size of the text?
You can use the menu on your browser to adjust font size.
Google Chrome: Click the settings button (located to the right of the address bar). Part way down the list is a Zoom option. Use the plus sign button to increase text size.
Firefox: In the browser’s menu, go to View. Select Zoom. Select Zoom In.
Safari: In the browser’s menu, go to View. Select Zoom In.
Internet Explorer: Click the Tools option (gear icon), go to View, and then select Zoom.

How do I register for an online account?
1) Visit
2) In the pop-up box, select "Create Account"
3) Enter the requested information and create a new password. You may sign up with your email address, or with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn account. If you are a subscriber, we recommend that you sign up using the email address associated with your subscription.
4) You will receive an e-mail asking you to click on the confirmation link to complete your registration.

Why should I register for an online account?
With this system, you will have one place to conveniently manage your magazine and e-mail-newsletter subscriptions. If you are a print subscriber, you will need an online account to access our digital-edition iOS app.

Can I register for an online account even if I'm not a subscriber to The Atlantic?
Yes, the online account system is available to all of our readers.

I have a technical question about your site that is not covered here. Where should I write?
For technical issues with our site not covered in this document, please visit our contact us page. Be sure to choose "Technical Problem or Broken Link" as the subject of your message in the form's drop-down menu and provide your platform and browser version.

App Support

How do I create an account in the app?
To access your magazine subscription in the app, you will need to login with your online account. If you have not yet created your account, no need to worry. It only takes a few minutes.

1. Open the app
2. Tap on Settings in the top right
3. Tap on the Sign In/Sign Up button
4. Tap the Create Account button
5. Enter your information. Use the same email address and zip code associated with your subscription
6. Once your account has been created, it should automatically link to your subscription

If you encounter a problem, contact us at

I have a print subscription. Which issues and apps can I access on my mobile device or tablet?
The issues and apps that you have access to depend on which type of device you use and which type of issue you're trying to read.

iPad or iPhone: With the print subscription, you get free access to the flagship Atlantic app on Apple mobile and tablet devices.

Non-iOS Devices: There is no Atlantic app available on Android devices. However, subscriptions and single issue purchases can be made through various third-party e-reader vendors, including Google Play, Magzter, Zinio, Nook, Kindle, and Flipster. These purchases must be made independently of the print subscription.

Special issues: Special one-time issues are not part of the regular 10 issues per year subscription package so they must be purchased separately, whether in print or digital. Examples of special issues: WWI issue, JFK issue

How do I access my issues in the app?
Print subscribers: Go to Settings and tap on Sign In/Sign Up. Enter the email and password associated with your subscription. If you have not yet linked your account to your subscription, you will be prompted to enter your account number. (If you have not yet created an online account, or if you have not logged in since December 2014, you will need to create a new account here.)

iTunes subscribers: On the app home screen, tap Manage Subscriptions. Then tap on Find my Previous iTunes Purchases.

There are technical problems with the app. How do I fix them?
Many technical glitches in the iOS Atlantic app can be resolved with a simple hard close, reopen, and app update.

Directions: Tap the home button on your device twice. A row of app icons will pop up in the middle of the screen. Find the icon for The Atlantic, and swipe it up, off the screen. Re-open the app. If it prompts you to install an update, accept the update.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, contact us at

Subscription Support

I'm looking for an article that was in a recent issue of The Atlantic and can't find it on your Web site. Aren't all recent articles available on your Web site?
Not all articles in an issue are available every month. We try to put the entire contents of each issue online, but are not always able to obtain electronic rights for every article.

I'm looking for an article that appeared in The Atlantic many years ago. Can I find it on your Web site?
Back issues from November 1995, to the present, are available online free (with the exception of a few articles, the online rights to which are held exclusively by the authors). From November 1857, to November 1995, selected notable articles are available.

In addition, the vast majority of The Atlantic's archive (1857-present) is available via our premium archive. Article summaries are available at no charge, and full articles may be downloaded for a small fee.

Does my print subscription entitle me to free access to The Atlantic's premium archive?
Unfortunately, because our premium archive was created, and is maintained for us, by a third party, there is a charge every time it is accessed.

How do I unsubscribe myself from your e-mail newsletters, or change the email address to which they are sent?
To unsubscribe from one of our newsletters, click this link and enter the email address you are subscribed with in the Newsletters section. This will take you to a page where you can update your subscription, unsubscribe, or change your email address. You may also follow the instructions at the bottom of each newsletter.

How do I order a magazine subscription, change my address, or manage my current magazine subscription?
Visit our subscriber help page.
If you want to reach customer service directly, or to cancel your subscription, please send an e-mail, call, or write.


US and Canada: (800) 234-2411
International callers: (515) 237-3670
The Atlantic Customer Care
Po Box 37564
Boone, IA 50037-0564

How can I order back issues of The Atlantic?
To order back issues, please send $7.50 per issue to:

The Atlantic, Back Issues
1900 Industrial Park Drive
Federalsburg, MD 21632

Or call: (410) 754-8219

How do I obtain an education discount for The Atlantic?
Please call (202) 266-7447.

Why can't I log into my online account?
If you are a subscriber and previously had a username and password with us, but it isn't working, don't worry. You will simply need to create a new account following the instructions here, and your new account will automatically link to your subscription information.

I experienced a technical problem while attempting to view one of the ProQuest premium archive pages. Whom should I contact?
The premium archive was created and is maintained for us by a third party, ProQuest Archiver. Your first step should be to visit their extensive Frequently Asked Questions Page. If your question is not answered there, please visit the MyPQA site to log in and send them your query. As The Atlantic's staff is not involved in the archive's technical function or billing, we are unable to assist with technical problems or refunds.

Submissions to The Atlantic

How do I submit a piece for possible publication in The Atlantic?

The Atlantic is always interested in great nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. A general familiarity with what we have published in the past is the best guide to what we're looking for. All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document or PDF. Succinct pitches may be submitted in the body of an e-mail.

To submit nonfiction, send your manuscript or pitch to:

To submit fiction, send your manuscript to:

To submit poetry, send your manuscript to:

Where do I send books for review in The Atlantic?
Please query with an email to Ann Hulbert at:

How do I get permission to reprint an article that appeared in The Atlantic?
Click here if you represent an educational organization, or a corporation, and want permission to make copies of Atlantic articles via the Copyright Clearance Center. Alternatively, you may email

Reprint requests (100+) should be made to The YGS Group, (717) 399-1900.

For questions and all other requests, please e-mail

Reports and Permissions

Whom should I contact about syndicating an article from The Atlantic?
Our syndications are handled by Tribune Content Agency. Their telephone number is (800) 245-6536. Email address:

Media Inquiries

I'd like to contact an Atlantic contributor. What's the best way to do so?
To contact an author, please email us at to his/her attention.

To whom should I direct media inquiries?

Anna Bross
The Atlantic
(202) 266-7714

Is The Atlantic affiliated with The Atlantic Press?
No. The Atlantic Press, which was at one time connected to The Atlantic magazine, is now an imprint of Grove/Atlantic:

841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 614-7850