Erik Tarloff

Erik Tarloff is a novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.

  • Meg Whitman's Campaign Spots

    Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO, is running for the Republican nomination for governor of California.  Armed with a considerable personal fortune,…

  • Classical Cadenzas

    Here's an example of a moment with which every classical music lover is familiar: There comes a point in virtually every concerto from the…

  • Citizens United

    Somewhere along the line, right wingers stopped complaining about "New Deal judges"--presumably because an actual FDR-appointed judiciary had largely…

  • Sundays

    What is it about Sundays?They usually start fine: Liane Hansen and the estimable Will Shortz on the radio, a few cups of coffee with my weekly dose…

  • The Loyal Opposition

    It would be nuts to put myself in the crossfire between my friends Christopher Hitchens and William Shawcross.  Americans have no dog in that…

  • Health Care

    It now seems clear, thanks to the reliably egregious Senator Lieberman -- when it comes to being disappointing, he never disappoints -- with the…

  • In Memoriam Soupy Sales

    It was pure absurdist surrealism in the guise of a kids' show.I was 12 when I first saw Soupy Sales. His show was on a local LA station; this was…

  • A Few Words About Coughing

    My wife and I visited New York for several days, and this past Sunday, we went to Lincoln Center to hear Bernard Haitink conduct the London Symphony…

  • Eyes on the Prize

    Of course, some hard-headed realists amongst us --- and not only the right-wingers and Republicans in that company --- will be skeptical.  Some will…

  • Close Listening

    Beautiful music can easily lull us into a state of beatific passivity.  And there's nothing wrong with that; we all can use a little beatific…

  • For Larry Gelbart

    It was my privilege at the beginning of my career to work with some of the great comedy writers of the World War II generation.  My father first and…

  • The Unbearable Stupidity of Authoritarianism

    This morning, reading this, I was struck all over again by how extraordinarily maladroit autocrats usually are.  In the last few months, we've…

  • In Memoriam, EMK

    A British magazine, Prospect, asked me to post some thoughts about the late senator on their blog site.  My entry can be found here.

  • Lockerbie Compassion

    I don't support capital punishment. I've gone back and forth on this issue in my own mind over the years, and my primary objections now do not rest…

  • Political Sex Scandals

           "I have known eleven Prime Ministers," William Gladstone is reputed to have said, "and seven of them were adulterers."  To bring this…

  • Coup in Korea

    It's impossible not to feel relief and pleasure that Misses Euna Lee and Laura Ling have finally been freed by their North Korean captors. But…

  • The Rehearsal

    ASPEN, COLORADO        My wife had to come here for two back-to-back conferences, and I decided to tag along.  What's not to tag?  The…

  • And the GOP...?

    Lyndon Johnson used to tell a story about a candidate for County Commissioner in East Texas.  He's falling far behind, and so he asks his campaign…


    When my son was trying to decide on a college a few years ago, his choices ultimately narrowed down to two:  a fancy Ivy League institution or the…


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