Erica Funkhouser

  • Wedding Ghazal

    Wedding Ghazal

    Marriage is the one Walden not fixed on any map. City, lake, wilderness, star: not caught on any map. Walled garden, golden ring, a…

  • The Pianist Upstairs

    The world's at war and he breaks into Brahms.tonight--an intermezzo one might lull a child or coax to life numb.nerves after a round of…

  • Journey

    In need of a journey, I traveled all the way from the rose. to the potato. and kept going. The mud was unbearable, the wind a knife. Not one…

  • First Pantoum of Summer

    One sleep depletes, another fills the well. Our night's companion shapes the coming day. My bed this morning grew drafty as a cell. When you…

  • Passage

    The hole sheared out of the roseleaf. by the leaf-cutting bee, the jagged track above the grass. as the insect finds its rhythm, dizzily…

  • To the Animal in the Hole

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). I've come back a few times, seen you hurrying away. and, once, seen your eyes, the…

  • Woodcock

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). If you must possess something, own it as she does her scrubby acre, her seasonal work, the…

  • India Cotton Shirt

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). She saw it in a secondhand shop, another woman's shirt given away. in a fury of…

  • The Accident

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). She heard the nasty scraping of sole and heel. against the clipped turf of the doormat; then…

  • Owl Pellet

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). I was crossing the field—that is all— longing for nothing more than a color, when I…


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