SNL's Jason Segel Episode: 5 Best Scenes

By Sage Stossel

[Jason Segel presided over the best show of the fall thus far, with help from the Muppets (who were regulars on the show years back during SNL's first season). Paul Rudd and Olivia Wilde also made cameos.]

Some highlights...

The monologue—the muppets insist on sharing the spotlight with Segel (and Kermit tries out his Ray Romano impression):

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Kemper-pedic—The "me-time" matress. (It won't keep her awake with "those weird squeaking noises..."):

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Jon Huntsman drops by Weekend Update to court New Hampshire voters and celebrate his boost in the polls from "margin of error" to single-digits:

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Digital Short—Andy Samberg demonstrates how to seduce women through chess (featuring an '80s-coiffed Olivia Wilde and Jason Segel as a cross-dressing prostitute):

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Really!?! With Seth & Kermit—An indignant Kermit the Frog joins Seth Meyers to discuss Congress's proposed reclassification of pizza as a vegetable:

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Also: Cold Open—Mitt Romney, "Raw & Unleashed..."; Time-Life Music presents the "New Jack Thanksgiving" collection (with "Triangle Sally," "Sweaty Keith," "Tony, Toni, Tony Shaloub," and more...); Kelly Ripa auditions potential Regis Philbin replacements—from Ashton Kutcher (Taran Killam) to Kathy Lee (Kristin Wiig); Jason Segel gets affectionate with Bill Hader in a Thanksgiving edition of the kissing Vogelchecks; and Northampton folk rock band "The Bluejean Committee" debuts their hit song, "Massachusetts Afternoon."

Musical guest Florence + the Machine performed Shake It Out (with gospel choir backup) and No Light, No Light

NEXT, ON DECEMBER 3: Steve Buscemi, with musical guest The Black Keys.

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