A Video Series Really Worth Seeing (Updated)

By James Fallows

In general my policy is: if Andrew Sullivan has mentioned something on his site, there is no need for anyone else to refer to it, since the word has already been spread far and wide.

An exception, out of enthusiasm, for his recent allusion to and clip from the British series The Thick of It. British humor is distinguished by being genuinely crueler than the watered-down Yank version. Compare the Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell versions of The Office and you immediately see the difference. The Thick of It is like a West Wing in which everyone ends up humiliated and embarrassed and stripped of pretense -- and if you don't think the result is funny, you have a more elevated soul than I do (or most of the population of the UK). The film In The Loop, by the same director and some of the same actors, was another not-quite-as-vicious version. This is Thick of It:

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