Oscars 2011: The Best Best-Picture Parodies

When Black Swan, The Social Network, Inception and the rest of the 10 Oscar nominees for Best Picture were announced Tuesday morning, the respective films were set up for a box-office boost, a month's worth of publicity ... and as prime fodder for parody.

Lampooning the Best Picture nominees is a tradition that goes back decades, glorified in the golden years of Billy Crystal's brilliant spoofs on Oscar night. This year has produced some worthy additions to the canon—here's a round-up of some of the best (so far).

The UK film site TheShiznit wonders what if the posters for the Best Picture nominees told the truth about the films they advertised: "We've seen it happen time and time again: a movie with a badass poster turns out to be boring as hell. Shouldn't there be some sort of law against misleading advertising like that?" The result is these hilarious Honest Best Picture Posters:

Honest takes on Winter's Bone, True Grit, and the rest of the nominees are at TheShiznit.co.uk.

AOL has the typically adorable reimagination of signature scenes from several nominees as performed by children. It's amazing how elementary The King's Speech seems when acted out by a seven-year-old:

And this clever clip of kids acting out The Fighter only helps the film's push to be this year's darkhorse contender in the Best Picture race: "Unintelligible Boston accents." Video of children doing Black Swan, The Social Network, and 127 Hours are at AOL's "Kids Act Out" video hub.

Of course, Saturday Night Live was early to the Oscar parody game, with its take on Black Swan. Here, Jim Carrey assumes Mila Kunis's role as Natalie Portman's rival:

Best Picture spoofs aren't unique to the Oscars, either. Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass buddies opened the Critics Choice Awards earlier this month by making fun of that ceremony's nominees. Here's their take on Inception:

Inception parodies, tributes, and mash-ups have become a genre of their own, with viral videos appearing seemingly every other day even months after the film dominated this summer's box-office. Perhaps none blew our minds more, however, than this meticulous, brilliant mash-up with summer's other big hit, Toy Story 3 (coincidentally, also a Best Picture nominee):

Look for more parodies as the trek towards Oscars night continues. Will hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway cop from Crystal and insert themselves into footage of the night's nominees? Considering Franco is also nominated for his performance in 127 Hours, it's a pretty good bet they will.

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Kevin Fallon is a reporter for the Daily Beast. He's a former entertainment editor at TheWeek.com and former writer and producer for The Atlantic's entertainment channel.

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