4 Ways to Wear Your iPad

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So the iPad is here—you drooled over it for months, watched the big reveal on the Engadget or Gizmodo live blogs, debated about its relevance and necessity, stood in line for 16 hours, and are now the proud owner of Apple's latest shiny toy. Now, how on earth do you plan to carry it around?

It's no secret that the 7.47- by 9.56-inches tablet isn't exactly pocket-friendly. It seems even Apple is a little at a loss as to how people should tote it. The only accessories currently on the Apple online store are a variety of sleeves and protective cases, but none of them solve the dilemma of actually traveling around with the iPad. Most women carry some form of a purse, so this problem is going to be more prevalent among the male population—where the "murse" isn't exactly a socially embraced fashion statement.

Here are some options, both real and imagined:

1.) The iVest

Mashable highlights Scottevest, which has created a vest specially tailored to be compatible with the iPad. If you don't mind looking like you're about to go camping and are willing to shell out the $100, maybe this is just what you're looking for. Or you could, you know, sew a big pocket into the inside of your coat yourself. The vest is set for a July 1st release—the perfect time to wear winter outerwear!

Here's a video of Scottevest founder and CEO Scott Jordan discussing his answer to the iPad problem:

2.) The iPant



The OhNo!Doom artist collective put together their imagined iPant, or "iGotaBigAssPocket," as they affectionately call it. Men love their back pockets and they seem to fit an astonishing amount of stuff back there—phone, wallet, keys, girlfriend's phone and lipstick and keys and credit cards, and so on—but the iPad is the limit. Unless you consolidate the two pockets and create one BIG pocket.

3.) The iFanny


ayatsato/flickr, Apple

Just when the fanny pack was slowly phasing out out of the hipster wardrobe, the iPad may be about to bring it back into our cultural consciousness. It's only a matter of time before someone makes an iPad-friendly fanny pack. First popularized in the 80s and now an emblem of American tourists and scenester kids alike, a fanny pack that can fit an iPad in it makes sense in theory. There are no shoulder straps to worry about and it's a convenient size—but sometimes fashion must take precedent over function. Just say no to fanny packs.

4.) The Satchel


Temple Bags

Call them what you may—a satchel, a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, a gadget bag, a briefcase—but let's be honest: they're all variations on the man purse. And there's nothing wrong with that. The Satchel Pages devotes all its content to celebrating the man purse in all its glory, and other Web sites are a little more subtle in their approach.

A messenger bag is great if you're commuting to work, but what about men who just want to carry their iPad around on a normal weekend out and about? Unless you want to sport the inevitable iBelt (no, you don't), you may want to explore the world of the satchel.

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Aylin Zafar is a freelance writer based in New York.

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