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Rarely on time but never late, a long-overdue update:

+Was a time when Negroclash—DJs Language, Duane and Lindsey—ran the town something fierce, somewhere in that period of time my mind recalls as being sometime between Plant Bar and disco-as-preset. Nothing ironic here. Prince Language with an exclusive ("EXCLUSIVE!") mix, "I Don't Want to Be Normal". At Ely's spot, Duane's "Clash and Burn Black Wedding Day" mix.

+Stuck (in the past + off the realness), Unkut.com celebrates its sixth anniversary with COUNTER STRIKE. Newly commissioned works from the likes of F.T., Tribeca, Smiley the Ghetto Child, Kamakazee, G Rap and more. Crushing, bruising, NSFW, heartwarmingly retrograde, massive massive material. For those who recognize the merits of Screwball's first album, this is for you.

+New Weird Los Angeles: a mix of skuzzy beats from TEEBS.

+More gems from the legendary Phil the Soulman's archives. A decade-old edition of World of Beats, Soulman's legendary breaks/soul series, and two appropriately titled new ones, "Beautiful" and "Lovers and Friends."

+Fred Thomas of City Center, one of my favorite new bands, offers up some of his cassette favorites for the No Conclusion blog. Some real weird stuff here.

+Also from No Conclusion: a mix of love-ish songs they did way back when for Valentine's Day. Also re: romance, this Doc Delay mix of Valentine soul and funk. If this is the opposite of how you feel, Mao has your back---here's a "Taste of Bitter Love."

+Siik made me a believer with his "1 Thing" remix from a few years back. On DJ Phatrick's blog, a link to Siik's Devil Pie mix.

+A teaser for spring, Ian from the fantastic Zamboni Soundtracks blog with YOU SCARED ME THE MOST, a personal, seasonally affected mixtape for his readers.

+But spring is still a shot away. For those afflicted with the winter doldrums, Dreams in Audio gives you HOW LONG, a mix of moody, sparse stuff.

+Bradford from Atlas Sound/Deerhunter/etc reconstructs a mixtape he used to jam while delivering Chinese food.

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Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. More

Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Bookforum, Slate, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe Ideas section and The Wire (for whom he writes a bi-monthly column). He is on the editorial board for the New Literary History of America.

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