A Better Than Good Time

Attn: New Yorkers!

A last-minute announcement for the world debut of Dave Tompkin's upcoming vocoder opus:


I'll be doing a vocoder talk for my book How To Wreck A Nice Beach at the Goethe Institute as part of the Unsound Festival.  Goethe is located at 5 E. 3rd at Broadway in the Wyoming Building.  It takes place at 5:00, this Saturday, February 6, (also known, in the blizzard immediate, as tomorrow).  I apologize for the last minute notice. We've been finishing! 

I will be showing images from the book and playing vocoder audio clips from the 1930s and The Future, including the years for which we were more or less present. 

Something To That Effect will include an ad for Silly Willy Toothpaste, "Barnacle Bill," German soccer chants rendered from stadium noise, the last house on Mars going bananas, Cold War drones, seashells powered by unvoiced hiss energy, a song called "You're A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street," my Verizon bill, talking castle winds, talking this, talking that, Phil Collins, and, if time allows, a guy with strep throat singing "Candy Girl."   Whatever it takes. Bring a snowman, win the Super Bowl.

There's a link to the Unsound Festival below, along with a picture of a Rhedosaurus having a word with a light house. 


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Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. More

Hua Hsu teaches in the English Department at Vassar College and writes about music, sports, and culture. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Bookforum, Slate, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe Ideas section and The Wire (for whom he writes a bi-monthly column). He is on the editorial board for the New Literary History of America.

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