Emily Bazelon

Emily Bazelon is a senior editor at Slate and a Truman Capote fellow at Yale Law School.

  • States' Rights Are for Liberals
  • How to Stop the Bullies

    How to Stop the Bullies

    The angst and ire of teenagers is finding new, sometimes dangerous expression online—precipitating threats, fights, and a scourge of harrassment that parents and schools feel powerless to stop. The inside story of how experts at Facebook, computer scientists at MIT, and even members of the hacker collective Anonymous are hunting for solutions to an increasingly tricky problem.

  • Diane Ravitch

    Antony Hare When Diane Ravitch decided that reform ideas like robust testing, charter schools, and No Child Left Behind were imperiling rather than…

  • What Would Zimbabwe Do?

    "Comparativism"—using foreign legal rulings to help interpret the Constitution—is startlingly on the rise in the U.S. Supreme Court


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