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  • The Obamaites Explain

    Who needs Jay Carney when we've got David Brooks?

  • The "People Of Libya"

    This was the phrase used by the president in his speech justifying a war he had already started. I wonder if by that he meant the inhabitants of…

  • Could An Obese Goalie Change Hockey? Ctd

    A reader writes: Speaking of obese goalies, this Amstel Light spot, from about six years ago, ponders the same thing. Another…

  • A Disappearance In Damascus

    A reader writes: I want to bring to your attention the detention of my friend and Middlebury College classmate, Pathik "Tik" Root, by…

  • "A Better Candidate" Ctd

    A reader writes: If Gabrielle Giffords is considered a Senate contender only because she was shot, Balko would have a point. But she was…

  • King Barack I

    Many of us supported this president because he promised to bring back the constitutional balance after the theories of Yoo, Delahunty, et al put…

  • Arm The Rebels?

    Steve Coll advises against it: [T]he rebels have as yet no command and control; they serve a political entity (if that is not…

  • The Other Civil War

    Packer compares Ivory Coast rebels to Libyan rebels: The key to [Ivorian rebels'] success is the legitimacy of their leader, Ouattara. …

  • Disowning Cap-And-Trade, Ctd

    Erica Greider is disheartened by Pawlenty's flip: It's not so much that his new views are outside the mainstream as that …

  • The Shutdown Odds

    Bernstein continues to think a government shutdown is likely: Basically, for two reasons: one is because it seems fairly likely that quite a…

  • Eating Dirt, Ctd

    A reader writes: I once had the pleasure of hiking in Yellowstone National Park with USGS wildlife biologist Dave Mattson, a man who, thanks to…

  • The View From Your Airplane Window

    Kerala, India, 12 pm.

  • Hoping For A Qaddafi Coup

    Douthat grows ever-weary in the face of increased US entrenchment: [T]he best case scenario for the United States might be (and perhaps has…

  • Birtherism, Front And Center

    Weigel considers the consequences of Trump questioning Obama's birthplace: I tried to get at this in my piece about the "birther…

  • Face Of The Day

    Queen Elizabeth II arrives by jet at RAF Valley where Prince William is stationed as a search and rescue helicopter pilot on April 1, 2011 in…

  • Emails Of The Day

    A reader writes: Oh man, Rickrolled on April 1st.  I've now reached a new low ... Another: Damn you, Sullivan, I fall for…

  • "Hockey Luvin Homos"

    A reader writes: Last night my favourite team, the Vancouver Canucks, clinched first place in regular season league play for the first time…

  • Will Bob Gates Resign? Ctd

    A reader writes: Gates has been planning to resign this year anyway. See this item from last August. He has said he's resigning on…

  • "Where The Fuck Is This?"

    A more succinct version of the window view contest.

  • Not Niebuhr

    David Brooks claimed that the Libyan war is "in the spirit of Reinhold Niebuhr." Adam Serwer shakes his head: If Niebuhr argued…


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