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  • Face Of The Day

    A member of the English Defence League (EDL) wears a mock burka as the EDL gather for a demonstration against radical Islamism on April 2, 2011 …

  • King Barack I, Ctd

    Mickey Edwards joins the chorus: The "I'm King" scenario is bad enough, but Obama also has a second story available if we're…

  • Malcolm Too?

    The dead keep getting outed: Malcolm X himself contributed to many of the fictions, Mr. Marable argues, by exaggerating, glossing over or…

  • Mental Health Break

    A reader writes: My friend Bob directed this music video for New Orleans genderqueer rapper Big Freedia. Dunno if you've heard…

  • Blogs, Tweets ... And Bleets?

    Ian Bogost regrets that ideas get buried too quickly on blogs and that we sometimes miss important exchanges. Alan Jacobs takes it one step…

  • The Bugs Or Mickey Debate, Ctd

    A reader writes: The real question is not why was Mickey more popular than Bugs, which pretty much follows the early American cultural…

  • The World Via Airport Carpeting

    George Pendle admires airport decor:  Witness the carpet at Singapore's Changi Airport, a vertiginous monochrome wonder…

  • Drafting In Ink

    Witold Rybczynski considers architecture before computers: Rigor was equally a part of the Renaissance architect's working method. This…

  • How Will It End?

    Juan Cole thinks International Criminal Court charges will hasten Qaddafi's departure: NATO’s aerial bombing missions were…

  • Could An Obese Goalie Change Hockey? Ctd

    A puckhead writes: I'm really sorry about emailing twice in a day, but as a hockey goalie I couldn't let this one slide.  No,…

  • Arianna's April Fools

    Had me for a couple of minutes.

  • Yglesias Award Nominee

    “Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but a wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic,…

  • Brothers

    An Airman returns from Afghanistan and finds his bro asleep on the couch: (Hat tip: BF.)

  • Home News

    As most of you know, we're migrating on Monday to the Daily Beast. I'm sure there may be some unavoidable hiccups, so please bear with us if…

  • Meanwhile, In Afghanistan ...

    David Rothkopf reiterates that we should get out of the country ASAP: [W]aging a war that cannot be won on behalf of an ally who is flirting…

  • The Weekly Wrap

    Today on the Dish, Andrew envisioned the end, where infighting could occur if Qaddafi leaves, but trusted in Obama. Andrew sized up King…

  • Feel The Beard

    Brian Wilson gives you a virtual rub. He seems fine with Just For Men. And I'm going wobbly again on the Santa issue.

  • Mission Creeps

    Scott Horton takes down John Yoo and Robert Delahunty.

  • "A Touch Of Momentum"

    There's no real change in long-term unemployment - with the labor participation rate at record lows (hence Gallup's higher readings). But…

  • The Quiet Crackdown

    Al Jazeera reports: Bahrain has stepped up the arrests of Shia Muslims, including many cyber activists, with more than 300 detained…


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