Big Lunacy

by Conor Friedersdorf

As journalists everywhere do their best to bone up on Egypt and cover a complicated story as it unfolds, writers at Andrew Breitbart's Web site Big Peace are publishing all kinds of irresponsible crazy:

We know that the Muslim Brotherhood supports the uprising in Egypt. The Obama administration does as well. Based on the release of a secret document, it’s been learned that the United States government supported the April 6 Youth Movement – a group that played a key role in the uprising – in the form of a summit in Washington, D.C. That summit took place from December 3-5, 2008. We also know that Bill Ayers and Bernandine Dohrn were in Cairo a little more than one year later, engaging in protests while attempting to show solidarity with Hamas by entering Gaza with Egyptian protesters.

...Conveniently or coincidentally, the actions – and now words courtesy of the once secret document – of the Obama administration, coupled with the actions and words of Bill Ayers indicate a desire on the part of both to usher in a new Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, assuming they’re not ignorant of the Brotherhood’s goal. What more evidence is needed to demonstrate that Islamism and Marxism are not strange bedfellows? They’re hand-in-glove bedfellows.

This is from a different author:

It should come as no surprise, then, that the hard left– aligned always with elements of the most radical Islamists against US interests– are joining the battle on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. This repeats the pattern begun during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, as leftists like Michel Foucault serenaded Ayatollah Khomeini and the promise of a theocratic regime in that country. That a homosexual like Foucault would prefer the Shariah-adherent totalitarianism that was unleashed in Iran to the more pro-Western Shah is testament to the hard left’s fetishization of the post-colonial narrative: anything but America, and the more militantly anti-American, the more “legitimate.” Dinesh D’Souza argued, I believe convincingly, last year that Obama is similarly predisposed.

When Brietbart launched Big Peace, he wrote that "the site is pro-freedom, pro-liberty, and pro-American but will not be an outlet for false information or propaganda." So will he defend as plausible truth the notion that Obama desires the rise of a new Islamic caliphate in the Middle East? It would be nice if other conservatives who tout his Web properties would confront the disservice he does to his audience.

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