The 2010 Daily Dish Awards!



We're proud to introduce this year's finalists, carefully selected by our blue-ribbon panel. Click the following links to vote for the 2010 Malkin AwardMoore AwardYglesias AwardHewitt Award, Von Hoffmann AwardMental Health Break Of The Year, and Face Of The Year. Also - for the first time -  Chart Of The Year and Hathos Alert are on the ballot. The Shut Up And Sing finalists have likewise been announced; it's now up to you to pick the worst pop song designed to reflect a profound moral conscience. I.e. the smuggest, most pretentious pop song in history.

Among the various contenders for the prizes, a roster of the big names in political and cultural discourse: Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Kos, Justin Bieber, Bill Donohue, Jim Manzi, Glenn Reynolds, Sean Penn, Bryan Fischer, Keith Olbermann, Bristol Palin And The Situation, Larry Kudlow and ... Andrew Sullivan.

We're giving readers a week to pick the winners for these prestigious prizes. The polls will close on the first of the year. You picked many of the entries; we just marshalled the very best/worst for your selection.

Award glossary here. Vote early. Vote often.

The Daily Dish Awards Glossary

Click here to vote for the 2010 Malkin Award!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Yglesias Award!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Moore Award!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Chart Of The Year!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Hewitt Award!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Face Of The Year!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Von Hoffmann Award!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Hathos Alert!

Click here to vote for the Pretentious Pop Song In History!

Click here to vote for the 2010 Mental Health Break Of The Year!

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