WNYMedia.net has posted NSFW pornographic e-mails that New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino allegedly sent to friends. Note the irony of Paladino writing "awesome" in response to girl on girl porn. Serwer connects the e-mails to Paladino's earlier anti-gay remarks:

I suppose Paladino's argument might be that while gay pride parades make your kids gay, manly straight porn just shows how manly you are. I'll just repeat what I wrote when Paladino originally won the primary--as a wealthy, hypocritical homophobe who wants to legislate "family values" while having a kid out of wedlock, talks up fiscal prudence while getting millions in government subsidies, and chuckles at racist jokes with his friends, he's what liberals would come up with if they were trying to paint a nasty, reductive caricature of what conservatives are really like.

Meanwhile Paladino's former allies are abandoning him for apologizing to the gays.

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