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Pam Spaulding rounds up reaction to Mary Cheney's pregnancy among readers of the Free Republic. This gem pretty much sums it up:

Who is the father? Yes, you selfish lesbians, there is ALWAYS a father. Not that the baby will benefit from one. sick.

I also stumbled across these comments in Ann Althouse's blog, regarding my skepticism of Sarah Palin's pregnancy stories. I deserve criticism on this and have aired it on this blog by my readers and by Patrick - not because my doubts have been put to rest, but because I know I'm out on a limb and I know that means you take your fair share of whacks. But look at these comments, which Althouse engages with and certainly doesn't remove. I have a thick skin but really:

I wouldn't be completely surprised if Andrew felt his mother hated him and that she didn't want him to be born.

sullivan has had his fudge packed so tightly it has replaced what diseased grey matter may have once occupied is cranium-

Here is a human whose sexual desires fight against the flow of life itself. Cursed by a disease that may wither him to a shrub of what he once was, he screams for more attention. It's all about taking down the societal purity the Palin represents.

isn't it a direct truism that by definition a raging homosexual such as Sullivan would be the human manifestation of resistance to shame?

Please. One ought always to refer to Sully by his true and complete regnal name: Her Divine Majesty Queen Mary Jane Milky Loads, Sultana of Sodom, Governess of Gomorrah, and Empress of All Urania.

it's easy for gay guys to tumble into a ghetto where a woman is threatening for no reason other than that she doesn't have a dick. for sullivan, though, it's probably worse because SP is more butch than anything that's fucked sullivan in a very long time. all very confusing stuff for him.

What, A. Sullivan is still in country? Why for goodness sakes? What does it take to deport perverts and scofflaws like A. Sullivan?

Isn't it simply obvious that Sullivan is envious that he doesn't have a vagina?

Well, of course he has an amazing resistance to shame. He is openly and proudly gay while an adherent of a religion that clearly calls his sexual behavior abhorent and damnable. How could he not be amazingly resistant to shame?

Sarah is a fertility goddess, and that magic power intimidates the death-loving, poo-pounding Sully. He rejects life, life-giving, and life-bearers.

This comes with the territory. Some of it is even a little funny. I'm not complaining. But it does bear noting that on a widely read conservative blog, this stuff is routine. I think that's part of the GOP's problem. I also think that Althouse's engagement in the comments section and failure to remove any of these remarks is eloquent.

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