Live-Tweeting The Revolution


Update: Photo above is old:

Iranian journalist Omid Memarian posted this image of a turbanless Mr. Khatami on his blog in the immediate aftermath of the June 12 election so clearly the person who uploaded it to iReport today was misinformed or attempting to mislead us. This continues to be a problem for news organizations forced to rely on anonymous bloggers who are frequently also partisan activists for information from countries that close their doors to independent reporters. We appreciate the crowd-sourcing help from readers very much.

Below are tweets coming out of Iran today. As always, they should be read with caution until confirmed:

Actual khatami being attacked today 

People chanting: if Karoubi gets arrested, Iran will turn into shambles.

Some claims Tehran TV showing pics of Qods day from other years as can't get shots with no Sea of Green.

Reports: Clashes in Qum, Kermanshah and Rasht. Dozens of protesters arrested

More than 100,000 ppl Gathered at Vali Asr Sq. Shouting Death to the Dictator.

Reports: Heavy Clashes Near Vali Asr Cr.

Protesters coming to the Streets in Isfehan and Shiraz

Hearing reports of clashes and arrests of protesters at Quds Day rally in Tehran

There is no Qods day reports on the TV anymore. For me, this means the clash have begun.

TV only shows closed shots from the Enghelab sqr :D Other places (specially 7 tir) should be FULL of Greens :D

Iran Translator reports worst scenes of clashes was Fatimi Avenue in Tehran.

I have reports Azadi was bad

Montazeri grandchildren arrested today, I hve unconfirmed reports more Children of a Grand Ayat arrested also today

hiraz: Dozens of people have been injured in clashes

RT Mashhad: Clashes between Greens n sec forces in different parts of the city Tear gas was extensively used 

Mirdamadi’s Son Arrested

Only a coward would target the children of his opponents. Ahmadinejad, you are a disgrace to the Iranian ppl

Today the population of Green million, not tens of thousands of ppl, I wonder why some media say that

Internet Connection inside Iran had been severely limited or cut off in some parts hours before protests

Iran security forces clashed with supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi and arrested at least 10 of them

Ahmadinejad calls Holocaust a myth during Quds Day rally

My source in Tehran: Basij dispatched to prevent protests during Quds Day

Heavy Clashes in Tbariz, Gunshut heard, Police also used Tear and Pepper Gas

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