Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Week 2


(Twitter photo: "Tehran, Today 19.30 Local Time, Hard Clashes all around Shariaty St.")

streets of Tehran like a Garrison. People are depressed and angry.

Gunshots it is heard from Mirdamad St., ppl put fire on the street

Hard Clashes at Mohseni Sq, Police Shoting Teargas...

REPORTS: Anti-R Police ATTACKING Ppl Infront of Ghoba M.

Snipers and Inteligence officers are seen on the roofs near Ghoba, an Unit of Anti-Riot Police Warned People to Leave!

Mousavi talked via Mobie to crowd and ask to be calm! (19.00 Local Time)6-28-bloody-guy

Video: Karoubi Showed up at Ghobad M, But no news of Mousavi

Helicopters Flying Over ppl and Anti-Riot Police Asking ppl to leave, The Meeting is Cancled! But ppl Staying in the Street.

riot police are stationed in a school near the mosque and will come out if necessary and mousavi has not showed up." end quote

so far ordinary police are out near qoba, and there is a crowd of about 50,000 people standing around and waiting,

The demonstration taking place at Ghoba Mosque. A lot of traffic about it on Mousavi facebook page

From Tehran: Mousavi expected at today's 7 Tir rally at Qobi mosque in Shariati, the first legal demonstration in over a week

Iran is one of the world's largest prison for bloggers & Journalists. More than fifty bloggers & Journalists arrested last days

From Tehran: crowds gathering in front of Evin prison at night, seeking their missing children and loved ones arrested after

Reports that Rafsanjani has broken his silence, that he's speaking out; turns out he's not saying much:

More than 22 Protesters Arrested Yesterday in Victim's Mothers Meeting at Park Laleh.

about arrested @persiankiwi: I can not confirm. There is not credible source yet


(Photo of Evin Prison posted by Flickr user revenger_fraud)

Sunday is the anniversary of 7th. tir martyrs, there will be a gathering in "Ghoba" Mosque and its legal !

Not much news from Mousavi & Karoobi. People are perplex Once again chants of Allah-o-Akbar were heard all over Tehran and Iran.

persiankiwi is arrested.

Female-mic there is no news from @persiankiwi

There is no news from MOhammadali Abtahi, Blogger & Reformist politician who was arrested last days.

There are bad news from Saeed Hajariyan, Reformist politician who was arrested last days.

Ali Mosleh, writer and film critic is arrestedMale
There is no news from Somaye Tohidloo, Active civil & blogger who was arrested last days

There is no news from Ahmad Zeydabadi, journalist who was arrested last days

Female-red URGENT: Karoubi: I will only announce my representative if an independent team is formed.

URGENT: MirHossein Moussavi will NOT have any representatives in GC Speciall committee.

The name of the girl who was shot in Baharestan & died later in hospital is reportedly Sheler Khezri.

A Female Student Who Was Shoted, Named SHALIR 19yrs. Confirmed Dead.

Reports: More than 7,000 Protesters Siting on the Street Near Neda Was Shot Dead. Police Sourended Them (not conf.)


Tonight, the roar Allah Akbar and all the cities of Tehran was long

Allahu Akbars begin. "Intensity hasn't diminished. I hear warning shots, but after the shot they changed to death to dictator"

Tonight in memory of martyrs of recent events, people will be holding a candle light vigil on their roof tops.6-26-balloons

There is no news from Mahsa Amrabadi , journalist and blogger who was arrested last days

There is no news from Shiva Nazarahari, activity human rights & blogger who was arrested last days

Mohammad Mostafaie arrested. he is lawyer & activity human right in I iran

My friend is near IR Embassy and says Police arrested Protesters.

Sweden's national radio announced Iranian protesters attacked the Iranian embassy in Sweden.

Rumors say 3 Basij captured and being held in basements of 6-26-balloon-sign homes. They only speak Arabic.

At 1pm today, Tehran's sky turned green. Those who had green baloons sent them in the air

Protestors have scattered amid the tough government crackdown. Mousavi says he will seek govt. approval for future protests

In spectacular case of denail, Sup Ldr blames US, Israel for protests and Neda killing. not sure who believes him in Iran

Yesterday Women gathered at Jomhori SQ with cand& flowers rally to Where Neda shot dead Secu.attacked and arrested some


A group of people went to Nedas grave today but the forces didnt let them stay or even pray.

Today on Neda's grave whoever had a green sign got arrested right away.

Tonight, like past nights, the chants of "Allah-o-Akbar" were heard on roof tops of Tehran & other cities.6-26-neda-mourners

R.I.P Micheal Jackson, many in Iran loved you and grew up with your songs, despite all the Regime's confinements and propaganda

sorry about no news at all in these past days, I will try my best to keep you informed again as soon as possible

Letter of Min. Interior to Mousavi: permit for rallies issued only w/ 1 week notice in person

Javan paper says: The BBC reporter hired a member of the rabble to kill some for his documentary!

Javan paper (pro-IRG) has announced Neda was killed by the expelled BBC reporter [John Layne].

Iran state tv says Saudi govt also behind #iranelection protests


Clashes at Enghelab SQ, Spreading to Azadi St, People Pushed Back Anti-Riots Police at Jamalzade Junc. (not Conf.)

Reports: A Bus is on fire at Enghelab Sq. Protesters trying to push back Anti-Riots Police.

Reports: Ambulances stped near Laleh Park, Polce dont allow them to enter in to Karegar St. or Enghelab Sq.

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