Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Week 1



People of the world - Today Saturday 20 June 2009 - Iran will again make HISTORY - #Iranelection RT RT RT RT RT RT RT

Hossein Obama - The world is watching

Never seen my ppl like this before, so united, so strong, so wise. Stay together. Verde que te quiero verde - Lorca

I can confirm Basij is on full alert & armed, but no visible IRGC activity reported from across the city yetAyatollah-grin

"You may write me down in history--With your bitter twisted lies--You may trod me in the very dirt--But still like dust I'll rise." M.A.

confirmed - Mousavi - SATURDAY is a big day for fighting fascism

Only 10 hours left until the Iranian people finally disobey their dictator. History is watching. Let's make it proud.

Now, all my life hurts [Google translation]

Reformist and activist bloggers arrested / they are my friends I am worrying for them very much

and also that the reformist leaders in jail are being pressured to give false confessions.

Martyr Karoubi - As a former political prisoner who was tortured I know  that insulting a nation will turn them into a raging fire

We hear in the [Iranian blogosphere] that the Supreme Leader has told Mousavi to keep quiet or he will be exiled,

Advice - remove sim and use mobile to film ANY violence or attak against Sea of Green

Advice - your location can be identified from mobile signal - + delete all sms after sending in case u are arrested

confirmed - sms text messaging is working again in Iran after 1 week of disconnecsion


(Photos above and below by Flickr user David Mohammad Yaghoobi)

"Salaam. I'm not well at all. I'm afraid, but tomorrow, I'm going.

??? (????) ???? 4? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ?????, ??? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ??

[TEHRAN PROTEST CONFIRMED] this Saturday June 20 4:00 PM Enghelab Sq. Tehran . Iran Please Share any which way you can

e-souce: new chant today: "My dead brother, I will get your vote back! And thegovernment cheats, and the Leader supports!"Green-stream

Voices are louder tonight.

Tonight at 10 pm, on the rooftops everyone chanted 'Death to the Dictator.' On previous nights it wasn't so strong.

People are angry. I think it will get pretty bloody tomorrow." end quote

Iran's situation is crisis , all say that tomorrow is a conflict day

The young boys and girls of Tehran, not the students, are "Basiji Hunting" at night. This is crucial to success.

confirmed - - HACKED - Dos Dos Dos Dos

Another update from Iran: [translated] "We now have access to Facebook; plus, we're each armed with 'filter-breakers' [proxies]. Don't worry

students and arrested people at prisons are tortured so hard and told them that here is worse than Guantanamo

some of Arts professors of Tehran University said that will go to strike from tomorrow morning , Saturday


(Photo of Ayatollahs Khamenei, front, and Khomeini, back, by Flickr user Ehsan Majnun)

Cntd: people trust Mousavi's judgment and are waiting 4 him to give the word. If he backs down it's the end of it

e-source; people in Iran are saying, now what? What they do depends almost entirely on what Mousavi decides

from iran, translated: "Don't suicide from fear of death."

Molk Ybqy ?? Alkfr and La Ybqy ?? Alzlm: A country will survive W / O god, but not without justice (Mohammad, the Muslim prophet)

mohsen Kadivar saying prayers for the lost lives in front of UN at noon. [Google translation]

Crowd-birdseye voice of God, and Akbar, "or Hossein, Hossein Mir", loud tonight than any night will be long behind Bamha [Google translation]

Mousavi - confirmed - show support for Sea of Green from balcony starting 9pm to midnight tonight

Unconfirmed report of an execution at Evin Prison in Tehran, Iran today June 19.

I called Somayyeh Tohidlou's husband.He said she will be released in 2 or 3 days.

Translation: Kaveh Servati (form Mousavu's camp) is releaserd.

Secretary-General of the Freedom Movement, Ebrahim Yazdi was released today [Google translation]

confirmed - Ebrahim Yazdi has been released by Gov due to poor health

Prophetic Council Zyaaldyn defend the right to education in detention [Google translation]

confirmed - 2 student activist arrested - Alirezah Khshbakht & Zahra Toheedi

Shahab Tabatabai, chief of staff 88, was arrested [Google translation]Women-silent

confirmed - Shahab Talebani has been arrested today

stateTV showed Obama killing a fly,didn't show our  rallies,students killed in dorms.Who is US agent now?"

Tear Down This Cyberwall!

What a weather in Tehran ! Thunders and rain. This is the first time in my life that I can see an spring like this.

after Khamenee speech Mehdi Karubi wrote a letter. he asked Void election very Courageously

Did you notice? Rezaei was crying in today's Friday Prayer, when Khamenei delivered speech

i'm rlly feeling sad & disappointed after Mr. Khamenei's speech 2day. Will Mousavi step back from his requests? What about ppl?


In Iran, Friday Prayers are rallying toward Hashemi Rafsanjani's office. They calls him "Head of Devilry".

Maryam Ameri central party headquarters was arrested Mehdi Karroubi [Google translation]

is called Tajzadh, Amin Zadeh, Rmzanzadh, Abtahi and other detainees severely confession fabricated for television are under pressure [Google translation]

hold Quran and cite Quran 8.61 "If they seek peace then seek you peace" Shame them into peace!

Protest with the Quran in your hand, sit down if they attack, while KHAMENEI0619BehrouzMehri:Getty citing the Quaran 8.61, Use Gandhi method

Khamenei had declared war, but Green must remain calm and  continue silent rallies.

@PerezHilton aww that's so sweet! Thanks! From Tehran ;-)

unconfirmed reports - Revolutionary Guard has been mobilised to secure Tehran

Dear UN & NGOs, why is Iran allowed to butcher civilians without even a word from you?

The situation in Iran is now CRITICAL - the nation is heartbroken - suppression is iminent

Pls:Mousavi:PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: We need help and sourvernity, today it turned out we need it more than ever.

Imprisoned bloggers: Mohammad Ali Abtahi. Mhsaamrabady, Arghndh Karim Pour, Emad Bhavr, Shyvanzrahary, Mohsen and Mojtaba Poor Somayeh Tvhydlv [Google translation]

Mousavi spox Makhmalbaf says 7OO campaign workers and advisors have been arrested, he is 2O% free, 8O% under house arrest

Governor General of Tehran's gathering tomorrow Krdbray no Standing-green-pair permission has been issued [Google translation]

Many govenmental bloggers and twitters are writing and linking about / to false data on #iranelection systematic lies is shame for a regime.

Google Translate no has Farsi (Persian) Whooohoooo!!!!

confirmed - the Gov has refused to issue a permit for Sea of Green march at 4pm on Saturday in Tehran

BAM! Khameni just called out Rafsanjani and his son, and  passive aggressively accused them of corruption. OH SNAP!

Can you believe what Khameneii said?! I feel sick to my bones... and the people listening to him and shouting slogans; THINK

the news on twitter is from eyewitness in iran. this is not on press as there is no means for them to verify it.

Khamenei cries for death of 1 Basij, ignores dozens murdered, thousands beaten, hundreds arrested by Basijs. What hypocrisy.

What did you think of the Supreme Leader's speech? Have you seen/heard signs of protests since then? Let us know.


(Photo by Flickr user Jason Bass)

what's gonna happen now? :-|

At least we know there is won't be any compromise.

feel worried and desperate after Khamene'i's speech. he said it's ppl's responsibility if any violence happens now on. shoot.

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