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  • 'If I Had Known Then ..."

    Richard Goldstone's op-ed in the Washington Post was a highly unusual thing. A public figure, responding to new facts unavailable before,…

  • A Poem For Sunday

    "Brother, I’ve seen some" by Kabir, appeared in the March issue of Poetry, and is translated from the Hindi by Arvind Krishna…

  • Politics And Human Nature

    Peter Wehner riffs on Yural Levin's new essay, “Beyond the Welfare State": Walter Lippmann wrote that at the core of every…

  • Is Love A Choice?

    Building off David Foster Wallace's philosophy, Leland de la Durantaye contemplates the nature of love: Are we free to love?…

  • A Video Game Or The Circus?

    Stefany Anne Golberg eulogizes live performances, whose numbers have dropped by 61 percent over the last five years: The death of stage…

  • "An Epidemic Of Not Watching" Ctd

    More depressing news about Israel's next generation: A recent survey of the political opinion of Israeli youth shows a significant move to the…

  • A Reminder

    Don't dial drunk:  

  • Micro Charity

    James Altucher explains why he doesn't donate to big charities: The American Cancer Association might be a great charity. But what will my…

  • A Loony Writes

    Daniel Kalder reviews Qaddafi's other book, 1993's Escape to Hell, a collection of short stories and essays: In the title story –…

  • Sex And Death

    Vinnie Rotondaro reports on the shifting landscape for female funeral workers: Before the 1860s, caring for the dead was viewed as a…

  • A Tiny Straw In The Wind, Ctd

    Now for the truly chilling part - Michele Bachmann being groomed for the big time by the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin: If you thought…

  • Boots On The Ground

    Al Jazeera notes the following: US and Egyptian special forces have reportedly been providing covert training to rebel fighters in the…

  • "Free Speech Is A Great Idea, But ..."

    Harry Reid's comment that "we'll look into" the despicable Christianism of Terry Jones unnerved me. Butters unnerved me some…

  • History's Worst Jobs

    Lapham's Quarterly made a matrix.

  • His Last View From His Window

    Greenland, New Hampshire, 6.50 am. Our reader writes: This was my husband's last view when he died at home last week.

  • His Last View From His Window

    Greenland, New Hampshire, 6.50 am. Our reader writes: This was my husband's last view when he died at home last week.

  • The Sparks And The Wildfire

    Talleyrand wonders where the small acts of individuals - from a fruit seller in Tunisia to a fundamentalist Christian in Florida - will take…

  • Which Revolutions Matter Most?

    Rothkopf concentrates on China's advances in science and research: It is an axiom of history that the silent revolutions -- like those that…

  • Face Of The Day

    Fighters battle in Manhattan's Union Square during a massive pillow fight on April 2, 2011 in New York City. Over 130 cities worldwide are …

  • Internet Mind Meld

    Michael Chorost uses the brain's own structure to imagine the future: Without a corpus callosum, the right and left halves of the brain…


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