Clive Crook

  • Romney Finally Lands a Punch

    I wouldn't go so far as to say Romney looked relaxed and confident in last night's GOP debate--he never looks relaxed and confident--but it was a…

  • How Will the Euro Crisis End?

    The Peterson Institute recently staged a debate about the European debt crisis between Simon Johnson and Peter Boone in the pessimistic corner and…

  • Enemies of American Prosperity

    The State of the Union was far too long, but what made me wince was the emphasis on outsourcing as the greatest threat to American prosperity.

  • Some Ideas for the State of the Union

    As usual, Bill Galston has some good advice for the president. Including this: The plight of hard-working, hard-pressed Americans--those struggling…

  • Questioning the Volcker Rule

    As I've mentioned before, Douglas Elliott at Brookings is among the most astutue analysts of the financial breakdown and the regulatory response to…

  • Why Does Romney Want to Be President?

    Last night's Republican debate will most likely be remembered for Gingrich's assault on CNN's moderator, who kicked off by asking Gingrich to comment…

  • Central Banking Needs New Rules

    Things we thought we knew about central banking are no longer so clear. [T]he past three years have shown that central banking can't be above…

  • Stop Coddling Europe's Banks

    Morris Goldstein of the Peterson Institute for International Economics explains five main defects in the EU's efforts to resolve its banking crisis:…

  • Republicans and the European Welfare-State Peril

    Some thoughts on the charge that Obama wants to turn the US into an entitlement society.Mitt Romney likes to contrast the U.S. economic system with…

  • In Politics, Alpha Matters More Than Beta

    Lawrence Lindsey makes the case for Anybody But Romney by pointing out that "safe" candidates--"low-beta" candidates, he calls them--have a poor…

  • What Crisis of Capitalism?

    Another column for your consideration:With the world's rich economies struggling and the leaders of the European Union intent on making things worse,…

  • What Land of Opportunity?

    I was glad to see Jason DeParle's piece in the NYT about America's disappointing record on economic mobility. One thing I learned: some conservatives…

  • Lessons from Iowa

    Ron Fournier of National Journal says something that hadn't occurred to me about Iowa and what comes next.If Romney wins New Hampshire, he would be…

  • Inequality Is Bad, but Poverty Is Worse

    You might be interested in this column I wrote for Bloomberg View about inequality. I argue that the US preoccupation with this subject misses two…

  • The GOP's Christmas Gift to the President

    The president will have a more relaxed Christmas, I imagine, than the one he was expecting a month ago. His poll ratings have improved a lot in the…

  • Good and Bad Goldberg

    Among writers I read and admire, my Atlantic colleague Jeff Goldberg achieved a rare distinction lately: in the past fortnight he has written two of…

  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Politifact

    The quarrel over Politifact's "Lie of the Year" is missing the point. The fact-checker gave its annual accolade to the Democrats' claim that Paul…

  • Why Bankers Hate Basel

    In a new column for Bloomberg View I argue that the banks' resistance to much stricter capital requirements is both wrong and dishonest: Real Reasons…

  • Vaclav Havel on Intellectuals in Politics

    Project Syndicate reprints Havel's remarks in 1998 on a question that has some relevance for US politics just now: Do intellectuals belong in…

  • Retirement Roulette

    Interesting data in the latest Allstate-National Journal poll, both on the country's political mood and on the focus of this latest installment in…


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