Clive Crook

  • Biofuels are the future?

    Ricardo Hausmann, director of Harvard University’s Center for International Development, says that biofuels can be (and maybe already are)…

  • Hillary's climate-change plan

    Hillary Clinton has been promising strong action on climate change if she is elected. Now she has made some detailed commitments. (See Edward Luce's…

  • A reading on school choice

    For those following the debate on school choice, a useful reading from an FT correspondent who went to school in both Britain and the Netherlands.…

  • Solow on Clark

    Robert Solow has a lengthy and very interesting review (subscription required) of Gregory Clark's "A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of…

  • Update: It depends what you mean by torture

    Stuart Taylor on the criticism Michael Mukasey, the White House nominee for attorney-general, has faced over his reluctance to say that waterboarding…

  • A weakened America's choices on Iran

    My Monday column for the print FT:The best course in dealing with Iran is not hard to see. The difficult thing is having to accept that its chances…

  • Why Democrats are winning on health care

    This is from my latest column for National Journal. The piece does not so much as mention Giuliani's prostate.The politics of the issue has moved a…

  • Hillary's bad night

    Occupied elsewhere on Tuesday night, I watched a recording of the Democrats' Philadelphia debate, and by the time I got around to it I had already…

  • Cap-and-trade bookkeeping

    In testimony today to the House budget committee, Peter Orszag, the head of the Congressional Budget Office, makes an interesting point about the…

  • Update: A test case for the media

    A third and I pray final post on Rudy Giuliani's prostate.  David Gratzer, the doctor who provided Giuliani with his disputed numbers on cancer…

  • Punch and Judy and inequality

    My friend Robert Wade censures me in this note (posted with his permission) about my FT column of a couple of weeks ago on globalisation and…

  • Can Democrats own prosperity?

    Take a look at this column by National Journal's Jonathan Rauch, for me one of the two or three most consistently interesting writers on American…

  • Update: A test case for the media

    My earlier post about Paul Krugman's attack on Rudy Giuliani's health-care ad has attracted critical comments [posted at my FT blog] that are making…

  • A test case for the media

    Paul Krugman has attacked Rudy Giuliani for a dishonest ad on health care--or perhaps an ignorant one, as the case may be. This is a test for the…

  • Democrats and taxes

    Much as I agree with the FT's editorial on Charles Rangel's new tax bill, one point bears emphasising. If passed (which, as the leader pointed out,…

  • Settle down for some budget theatre

    My Monday column for the Financial Times:Between now and the latter part of December, the US Congress and the White House will revive a much-loved…

  • Idol worship

    I liked this column by Charles Krauthammer, offering a corrective to the current gloom in Republican circles about the quality of their presidential…

  • It depends what you mean by "torture"

    How depressing--but then, not so surprising--to hear Rudy Giuliani say that waterboarding may not be torture, that it all depends on how it's done.…

  • Grasshopper's protest

    With apologies for the delay (time waits for no blog, though it is going to have to make an exception in my case) here's a response to Brad DeLong's…

  • A satirical Indian

    Warmest congratulations to Amit Varma, winner of this year’s Bastiat Prize. A libertarian outfit called the International Policy Network gives this…


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