Clive Crook

  • Trade and climate

    An article by Yale's Judith Chevalier in last Sunday's New York Times slipped by me, until Greg Mankiw's blog redirected me to it. The piece…

  • Clinton, Obama and double standards

    Are the media treating Hillary Clinton more harshly than Barack Obama? Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:Clinton's senior advisers have grown…

  • Obama and the base

    Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency has revived. Until.recently Hillary Clinton had a commanding lead in the polls and was.starting to seem…

  • Enclave extremism

    Cass Sunstein examines the phenomenon of enclave extremism--the tendency of people to harden their political positions when they interact mainly with…

  • The future of reading

    After more than a week with my Amazon Kindle, I am ready to say I have seen the future of reading. This actual device, mind you, much as I like it,…

  • Oil shock

    Another vote of thanks to James Hamilton (principal author of Econbrowser and an economics professor at the University of California, San Diego): I…

  • Counting the instruments

    If you are following monetary policy in these testing times, and especially if you find recent Fed actions (and the markets' reaction to them)…

  • Oil Shocks

    Clive Crook warns that it may soon be time to panic about the price of oil

  • A Farewell to Alms

    Two more reviews of Gregory Clark's book on development. First, Ben Friedman in the NYT (skeptical but fascinated)...Every story has to begin…

  • Ricardo Hausmann on Hillary on trade

    This is from Dani Rodrik's blog, where Ricardo Hausmann made a guest appearance:Dani has many complex and sophisticated arguments regarding his…

  • The trouble with the Paulson plan

    “This is a private sector effort, involving no government money,” Hank Paulson, US Treasury secretary, said last week, announcing the deal he had…

  • Subprime prevention and cure

    My new column for National Journal contrasts the administration's proliferating (and most likely inadequate) measures to solve the subprime mortgage…

  • Dani on Hillary and trade

    Dani Rodrik has two interesting posts on what Hillary Clinton told the FT last week about trade policy, and on reactions (including mine) to her…

  • Hillary on trade

    Reading the interview with Hillary Clinton in today's FT took the edge off my morning (report here, transcript here).FT: You have said that as…

  • Fannie and Freddie

    Until recently it was possible to regard the US system of housing finance as one of the best – if not the best – in the world. Just as it was…

  • Housebound

    Why homeownership may be bad for America

  • Recession watch

    My new column for National Journal is about mounting fears of recession next year. (lt starts with a discussion of a recent piece for the FT by Larry…

  • Opportunity and equality

    Thomas Sowell questions the current US preoccupation with inequality.Americans in the top one percent, like Americans in most income.brackets, are…

  • Distance still matters

    VoxEU has an intriguing post by Keith Head, Thierry Mayer and and John Ries, about their work on distance effects in trade in services. Surprisingly,…

  • Iraq and the Democrats

    Fragile as the recent improvement in security in Iraq may be, it poses a problem for Democrats, as I argue in a new column:The big question is…


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