Clive Crook

Clive Crook is a senior editor of The Atlantic and a columnist for Bloomberg View. He was the Washington columnist for the Financial Times, and before that worked at The Economist for more than 20 years, including 11 years as deputy editor. Crook writes about the intersection of politics and economics. More

Crook writes about the intersection of politics and economics.

  • Sins of Emission

    Kyoto was a sham and a failure—so how has it become a model for future anti-warming efforts?

  • The Paulson blueprint is more about form than content

    The new Treasury blueprint for reforming financial regulation is not really a blueprint at all. (The full document is here; or see a Treasury summary…

  • Column: Financial patch and mend won't do

    I'll come back to the Treasury's new proposals for regulation shortly. Meantime, this new column for the FT argues that tweaks won't do. Although, as…

  • The dumbing of America

    For the first time in decades, and probably ever, workers retiring from the US labor force will be better-educated on average (according to one…

  • Hillary on housing

    No sooner had I finished berating the candidates for failing to pay attention to the housing-finance meltdown than Hillary Clinton devoted a whole…

  • Bailing out (sic) Bear Stearns

    The markets were thrilled by J.P. Morgan’s quintupling (to $10 a share) its offer for Bear Stearns. But does this not make the whole operation,…

  • In praise of Joni

    Of course the other point of having a blog (see my previous post for the main reason) is to advertise one’s enthusiasms, as if anybody gives a damn…

  • Steve Jobs, I know you’re reading this

    What is the point of having a blog, really, if you are not allowed from time to time to vent a personal grievance? No point, you say? I quite agree.I…

  • The silence is deafening

    My Monday column for the Financial Times complains about the presidential candidates' lack of attention to the worsening financial crisis.What makes…

  • Are the Democrats miscalculating on trade?

    Ron Brownstein asks whether the Democrats' increasingly strident anti-trade line might be a political mistake as well as an economic one (the link…

  • Where is the floor for house prices?

    In this new column for National Journal, I discuss the Fed's latest maneuvers:If banks are too scared to lend and consumers too scared to borrow…

  • Can Hillary still win?

    As I've said before, don't count her out just yet. Jay Cost at RCP has a new post summing up his earlier argument that Hillary has a path to the…

  • Florida has a plan

    This just in from CNN:Two Florida state senators presented a plan Wednesday to seat the state's delegates at the Democratic National Convention,…

  • Obama's speech on race

    My instant reaction to what may have been the most important speech of Obama's candidacy is that it was excellent. Not, for once, because it was all…

  • The view from Mount Greenspan

    I continue to be astonished by Alan Greenspan’s timing. It is quite uncanny. In a column for National Journal last September (pasted after the jump…

  • The Bear Stearns bail-out

    On Friday Bear Stearns–-even in the throes of a financial collapse that had driven its share price down by three-quarters–-was still worth $3.5…

  • A Clinton-Obama ticket?

    I discuss this possibility in a new column for the Financial Times.Bill Clinton’s recent claim that a Clinton-Obama ticket would be…

  • Jeremiah Wright

    Will the storm over Jeremiah Wright seriously hurt Obama's campaign--and ought it to? This is no trumped-up attack, easy to dismiss. (So much for the…

  • Dershowitz on Spitzer

    In the deluge of commentary on the Spitzer scandal, I thought this piece by Alan Dershowitz in the Wall Street Journal was the best. As he says, what…

  • Updated: Obama for VP?

    The Clinton campaign's offer of the VP slot to Obama is clever politics. Bill pressed the idea more explicitly than before over the weekend, saying…


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