Clive Crook

  • Oops...about those global temperatures

    An item for those who believe that climate science is "settled". A new article in Nature reports that the post-war sea-surface temperature record is…

  • World Trade Week

    I learned from this piece by Philip Levy in the American (via Real Clear Politics) that May 18-24 was “World Trade Week”—“in case you missed…

  • Recount

    “Recount”, the HBO movie about the Florida presidential election fiasco of 2000, was good television: well made, well cast, and well acted (with…

  • Column: A new kind of politics?

    Maybe not. From a new FT column:Two weeks ago in this space I expressed the naive hope that a US presidential contest between John McCain and Barack…

  • Pause

    I'm away for the next two weeks. Enjoy next Tuesday's tie-breakers, and the tie-breaker in the following week. I'll be back for all subsequent…

  • Another shock

    The New York Times reports that high gas prices are causing people to buy smaller cars.Soaring gas prices have turned the steady migration by…

  • What a turn-up

    At this, a twinge of homesickness. I never thought Boris would do it.

  • A new, tougher Obama?

    So, he has a killer instinct after all--or at least some limit to his forbearance. Obama's response yesterday to Jeremiah Wright's flurry of…

  • Does Wright want Obama to win?

    Up to now I had taken it for granted that Jeremiah Wright wanted Obama to win the nomination and the presidency--and that was why he had not been…

  • Column: Self-destructive Democrats

    Last week’s vote in Pennsylvania was an even worse result for the Democratic party than is widely supposed. Hillary Clinton’s impressive victory…

  • Politics and the killer instinct

    The contrasting characters (this is not just a matter of "style") of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been prominently on display since the…

  • The race goes on

    You have to admire Hillary's determination. Being the underdog brings out the best in her--and it either neutralizes or makes forgivable the less…

  • The Philadelphia debate

    Tonight’s Democratic debate in Philadelphia was the worst I’ve watched, and that is saying something. The blogging consensus, not to mention the…

  • When you pander, don't admit it

    The polls suggest that Obama weathered the Jeremiah Wright affair with little or no damage. This new flap--arising from remarks to supporters that…

  • The fiscal consequences of George W. Bush

    In a new column for the FT, I discuss the fiscal legacy of the Bush administration. After I filed it, I settled down to do my taxes. The sequencing…

  • The end of the American exception

    Here is a subject that preoccupies me at the moment. Europe continues, slowly and reluctantly, to deregulate its economies. In this it is following…

  • When the buck stops

    Ken Rogoff asks, "Has the moment come to replace the dollar?" His answer is: "Maybe not quite yet....but soon." (His article, which I came across on…

  • Further thoughts on regulating finance

    In my Monday column for the FT I take issue with the view that what went wrong in financial markets had nothing to do with regulatory failure, and…

  • National Journal: Don't trash the Paulson blueprint

    Struck by the near unanimity of the view that the Paulson blueprint is beside the point--something that Paul Krugman and the Wall Street Journal, for…

  • Illicit: The Movie

    In 2005, my friend Moises Naim, the editor of Foreign Policy, published "Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global…


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