Clive Crook

  • The economy and the campaigns

    When I read this piece of a few days ago by Michael Barone, arguing that "the old rule that economic distress moves voters toward Democrats doesn't…

  • The wrong kind of bail-out?

    An excellent column by Sebastian Mallaby looks at the unfolding Fed-Treasury plan and finds it wanting: The plan is being marketed under false…

  • The crisis and the election

    My Monday column for the FT looks at the implications of the financial crisis for the election, and beyond.Every four years, despite ample evidence…

  • A new RTC? Not like the old RTC

    Massive injections of central-bank liquidity and talk of an RTC-like agency to absorb potentially vast quantities of bad assets gave the markets…

  • Some light relief: Damien Hirst

    I am a huge admirer of Damien Hirst. Not of the art, which is rubbish, but of the sheer productivity and exuberance he brings to his life's work of…

  • Interesting times

    Not long ago, as this financial crisis continued to worsen, I criticised the Fed at one point for seeming to panic (when it cut interest rates…

  • Democrats in a hole, and still digging

    My Monday column for the FT returns to the way the Democrats are mishandling the campaign. And it notes that the Republicans are doing the same,…

  • Palin's interview with Charles Gibson

    I thought she did all right--a good, adequate performance, but no more. I doubt that it will have changed many minds. People inclined to like her saw…

  • Lipstick on a pig

    One wonders how much lower this election can sink. The furore over "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" sets a new benchmark. The…

  • More on Democrats and respect

    As promised in my previous post, some examples of the hundreds of messages I am getting about this article. (I know you only have my word for it, but…

  • Democrats must learn some respect

    My column in yesterday's FT prompted more emails from readers than any other article I have written. I usually get 10 or 20 letters or emails. I got…

  • John McCain's speech

    Even allowing for the fact that one does not expect soaring oratory from John McCain, his closing speech to the convention was disappointing. He had…

  • Sarah Palin's speech

    Astonishing. It was a fine convention speech--but, reading the text, no better than very good. What was just sensational, far exceeding…

  • Thompson, Lieberman and day one in St Paul

    The first full day of the Republican convention--the schedule was put back from Monday because of Hurricane Gustav--went off smoothly. President Bush…

  • The Palin nomination

    I was unsure how the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter would affect social conservatives' view of the governor's nomination for VP, but they seem…

  • Balanced tickets

    Jay Cost has an interesting take on McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP. I mostly agree  with him (except that I think he is wrong to say, in…

  • Invesco Field

    Those who came to Invesco Field on Thursday witnessed something they are unlikely ever to forget. Barack Obama gave an electrifying speech that…

  • More on unions and card check

    An article of faith for almost all the Democrats at the Denver convention is that the country's much-diminished trade-union movement needs to be…

  • Bill, Hillary, and Biden

    Taken together, the speeches by Bill and Hillary Clinton eventually gave Barack Obama everything he wanted from them. Their support came late,…

  • Dave Barry on the convention

    Dave Barry is writing a column on the convention for National Journal. It is the most fearlessly truthful reporting I have seen so far. (What a…


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