Clive Crook

  • Solutions to the looming fiscal problem

    My column for today's FT looks beyond the stimulus to what comes later. It is safe to assume that in his address on Tuesday, Barack Obama will invoke…

  • Obama's people

    What an extraordinarily awful bunch of portraits of "Obama's People" in the NYT's magazine. They look far worse in the actual magazine than on the…

  • Geithner's embarrassment

    My instant reaction to Tim Geithner's embarrassment over his taxes was that it would not stop the appointment going forward, but  I am beginning to…

  • The Economist on Arabs, Jews and Palestine

    A word of praise for The Economist's coverage of the fighting in Gaza in the current issue. It is the magazine at its brilliant best: editorial…

  • Obama's multipliers

    Like most others I take it for granted that the multiplier effect of tax cuts is weaker than that of (well-designed) increases in public spending.…

  • Obama's shot in the arm is too small

    From today's FT.Despite his clear electoral mandate and big Democratic majorities in Congress, politics is already blocking Barack Obama's efforts to…

  • Obama's fiscal plan

    Obama's speech this morning said nothing really new about what he intends. Earlier this week he said he was looking at proposals that would inject…

  • Small World

    Market crashes are inevitable, but financial innovation and globalization have massively increased our vulnerability to them. Unless we make big regulatory changes—changes on a global scale—we should prepare for more years like this one.

  • Signing off until January 5th

    Have a peaceful Christmas.

  • John Taylor on the causes and treatment of the crisis

    This essay by Stanford's John Taylor is well worth reading. In this paper I have provided empirical evidence that government actions and…

  • Why Europe needs its own New Deal

    This column for National Journal [link expires in a fortnight] looks at an international dimension of the economic emergency: Even weeks ago, the…

  • China's economic miracle

    Yasheng Huang's book on China's economic miracle went on to my reading list when I saw it reviewed in The Economist earlier this year. I promptly…

  • Robert Samuelson: "The Great Inflation..."

    [This review ran in the FT earlier in the week and I forgot to post it here. Sorry.] Robert Samuelson, who writes for Newsweek and the Washington…

  • Trade and labor appointments

    More rivals? It seems that Obama has chosen Ron Kirk as his USTR and Hilda Solis as his labor secretary. Kirk, a former mayor of Dallas, is said to…

  • Brooks on Gladwell

    I am steeling myself to approach "Outliers", Malcolm Gladwell's latest. I am not an admirer, but I can hardly complain about this further…

  • The long road to healthcare reform

    A new column for the FT on Tom Daschle's chances of reforming the health system:He is a good choice. He combines years of experience in Washington…

  • The Blagojevich scandal

    An interesting post about political corruption on Larry Sabato's site. Though not instantly germane, I thought this was a particularly good point: A…

  • Blagojevich: It "can't be in writing"

    The criminal complaint against Rod Blagojevich, Democratic governor of Illinois,  is well worth skimming. You have to read this stuff for yourself…

  • Photography: Hitler on the D3x

    If you are interested in photography (as I am) you will have noticed that the launch of the Nikon D3x has met with a mixed response.

  • First things first in the stimulus plan

    My latest FT column looks at the design of the forthcoming fiscal stimulus:"Rule one: never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to…


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