Clive Crook

  • America and Europe Meet Midway

    Some say Obama wants the U.S. to be more like Europe. What do they mean?

  • Leftists in Academe

    Greg Mankiw points to an interesting, if slightly dyspeptic, essay on the puzzle of academic bias to the left

  • Some Links

    Obama is no socialist. Norman Ornstein, Washington Post. A splendid attack on the administration's overheated critics. (The AEI, where Ornstein works…

  • The Rational Optimist

    My friend and esteemed science writer Matt Ridley has a new book coming out: The Rational Optimist. I've seen a review copy and it's as good as I…

  • The World According to David Frum

    Amid the AEI scandal, Frum's line on health care is still confusing

  • Primers on VAT

    The idea of a value-added tax (VAT) is gaining momentum, and opponents are gearing up to oppose it.

  • In Search of a Moderate Republican

    The country needs a moderate and intelligent opposition--not Newt Gingrich's prescriptions

  • Some Links

    No golden age of American liberty. David Boaz, Reason. (Thanks, Browser.)Consider a VAT. Isabel Sawhill, Brookings. Paul Volcker agrees, much to…

  • Working With Karzai

    The United States is making the best of a bad partnership with the troublesome president of Afghanistan

  • Is Larry Summers Leaving?

    It's absurd to think Summers would take a backseat to the rest of the team

  • Some Links

    Weak government may be the best bet. Anatole Kaletsky, Times. Further to my previous post, on divided government. Kaletsky argues that a hung…

  • Divided Government

    In an exchange on the Brookings website, Jonathan Rauch makes the case for divided government, and in a characteristically crisp way:The health care…

  • Some Links

    Curbing risk on Wall Street. Oliver Hart and Luigi Zingales, National Affairs. Two eminent economists add to an already vast body of commentary,…

  • Playing Safe on China's Currency

    Postponing the ruling on whether China is a "currency manipulator", which had been due on April 15th, makes sense. China's currency policy is…

  • Paying for Health Care Reform

    The new healthcare law holds out hope of meaningful reductions in costs, but everything depends on the zeal with which the opportunities are pursued.…

  • America's Friends and Rivals

    Further to my comment on Sarkozy's visit, see Walter Russell Mead. We are neglecting or quarreling with our friends and reaching out to our enemies…

  • Some Links

    Helping low-income workers. Gene Steuerle, Urban Institute. More could and should be done to help childless low-paid workers, a long-neglected…

  • Sarkozy's Visit

    The visit of the French president was happily timed to draw headlines at home away from the regional election results. It seemed to go well. Sarkozy…

  • Obamacare and U.S. Power

    The Democrats' health care victory has set some large political forces in motion. Gideon Rachman rightly points out that the implications extend…

  • Are Republicans Just Crazy?

    Gideon Rachman thinks they might be. He is struck, as who wouldn't be, by the startling numbers in a Harris poll that looked at Americans' beliefs…


A Stop-Motion Tour of New York City

A filmmaker animated hundreds of still photographs to create this Big Apple flip book


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Would people eat healthier if celery was called "cool celery?"


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