Clive Crook

  • Central Banks and Politics

    Most of what you've read lately about the "crisis of economics" is rubbish. The Great Recession poses no challenge to the core ideas of modern…

  • Europe's Missing Foundations

    Overambitious, elitist leaders who ignored voters are to blame for a floundering Europe

  • Some Links

    Britain, get ready for higher taxes. John Kay, FT. "If a 20 per cent VAT is not a done deal [already], it will be soon..." Staying healthy raises…

  • Yes, Prime Minister

    The unnatural alliance that enabled Prime Minister Cameron's ascension raises some questions.

  • The Kagan Nomination

    Nobody seems to think that Elena Kagan, Obama's nominee to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, will have much trouble getting confirmed.…

  • Fall-Out From Greece

    Does the crisis in Greece really threaten the US? You bet. It's a small country and an even smaller economy, but its difficulties threaten the whole…

  • Texas Politics and the Oil Spill

    Debating who's at fault and what to do next for the oil spill

  • Some Links

    Europe's other elections. Joerg Forbrig, German Marshall Fund. Is Europe trending right? Was it really a bubble? Casey Mulligan, NYT. Not as much as…

  • Taxing the Banks

    On Tuesday Tim Geithner put the case for a tax on banks to the Senate Finance Committee. Congress Daily reports that he also seemed open to including…

  • Mincemeat, Brown, and Macintyre

    Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell for reminding me to read Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre. The book is a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction account of a…

  • Some Links

    Why Greece will default. Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate. See also, Europe must integrate or disintegrate. Wolfgang Munchau, FT. Only Nick Clegg…

  • The Great Immigration Fraud

    Ross Douthat accuses critics of Arizona's new immigration law of hyperbole, and I agree with him. It is a bad law, but not as vile or indefensible as…

  • Bill Galston on Polarization

    American politics has become more polarized--but is this necessarily a bad thing? In some ways, Bill Galston notes, the US political system has made…

  • Rating Agencies Strike Again

    Standard and Poor's downgraded Greece's debt yesterday. This reflected--and added to--perceptions that Europe's debt difficulties are worsening.…

  • Obama's Triumph Leaves Voters Cold

    Despite an impressive record, voters are unimpressed

  • Why a VAT Makes Sense

    In recent columns, George Will and Robert Samuelson both attack the idea of a value-added tax. Will:A VAT will be rationalized as necessary to…

  • Some Links

    Democrats haunted by corporate ties. Jonathan Allen and Eamon Javers, Politico. "The Democratic Party is closer to corporate America -- and to…

  • The Future of Conservatism

    Sam Tanenhaus, Jacob Heilbrunn, and Grover Norquist came to the offices of The National Interest yesterday to discuss the future of conservatism. I…

  • Some Links

    How public-sector unions broke California. Steven Malanga, City Journal.Skilcraft pens. Ylan Qui Mui, WashPo. A public option for ballpoint pens.…

  • Goldman's Defense

    The FT's Francesco Guerrera reports on Goldman's defense against the SEC's fraud charge. It was all a matter of buyer beware, says the bank in…


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