Clive Crook

  • Britain's Whining Over the Gulf

    The Brit-bashing involved in the U.S. reaction to the oil spill has so far been impressively slight- -- and far smaller than would be the anti-U.S. reaction in Britain if the case were reversed

  • I Was Wrong About the iPad

    Apple's latest device proves itself to be a worthwhile companion, although many apps are a letdown

  • Galston v Krugman

    Bill Galston discusses deficits and debt in The US Is Not Too Big To Fail. I urge you to read it. He asks the right questions and draws the right…

  • Recommended Reading

    Has US bloodlust for BP gone too far? Andrew Clark, Guardian. Oil-spill liability. Michael Greenhouse, Brookings. Lift or raise the cap; combine with…

  • Greenwald v Ambinder

    Reflecting on Joe Biden's now notorious picnic, Glenn Greenwald takes a characteristically severe line against journalists who fraternise with the enemy

  • Still Room for Stimulus

    Jeffrey Sachs makes some good points on the limited scope for counter-cyclical fiscal action. But he overdoes the pessimism, I think, especially so…

  • Obama's Overheated Critics

    I don't think you could call me a reflexive supporter of Obama. So bear this in mind when I say that much of the recent Gulf-centered criticism strikes me as not just unfair but ridiculous.

  • Recommended Reading

    Vote for me. Mickey Kaus, Huffington Post. I would if I could. (Watch the video.) Economic growth and institutional reform. William Galston,…

  • We Are All Malia Now

    Commentators are achieving something close to all-faction consensus over Obama's oil-spill performance. Many liberals, following the path marked out…

  • Obama's National Security Strategy

    The administration's first National Security Strategy has received deservedly bad reviews

  • Stieg Larsson and the Swedish Model

    Trying to understand the appeal of the author's wildly successful books "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "The Girl Who Played With Fire," and others

  • Will the Oil Stick to Obama?

    Obama defended his handling of the oil spill at his first full press conference for months. Polls are showing that the public is losing its patience…

  • Apple's Great Mistake

    Is Apple (or some other tech company) about to repeat Apple's great mistake? This is a question that keeps coming up. See Henry Blodget in January,…

  • Public Spending on Healthcare

    Lack of U.S. government spending on health care is not the reason why our government's share of the economy is smaller than Europe's

  • Arthur Brooks and the New Culture War

    Free enterprise and statism are not irreconcilable for America

  • The Senate Finance Bill

    Senate approval of the financial reform bill is a good thing

  • Inflation Rises to 44-Year Low

    These days the editor in me is usually well suppressed, but can still be provoked. "Inflation Rose in April at Lowest Rate Since the 60s," said a…

  • Europe's Crisis Is Political

    The remarkable thing about the European Union is how far this project has come without its partners ever deciding what it was for

  • Climate Change and Malaria

    The idea that malaria and climate change are strongly connected still has wide currency among casual environmentalists, even though those who know…

  • Some Links

    Financial reform via resolution. David Altig, Atlanta Fed. Even when financial regulation is adequately tightened up, systemically important…


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