Clive Crook

  • Reforming the IPCC

    The report of the InterAcademy Council on the IPCC is a real step forward. The council, representing academies of science and equivalent bodies all…

  • Needed: Both Kinds of Stimulus

    The US recovery is stalling. As a matter of economics the balance of risks strongly favors further fiscal and monetary stimulus. Politics appears to…

  • Glenn Beck's Strange Appeal

    His hyper-religious self-assurance can be off-putting, yet his rally was decidedly unsinister

  • Bernanke's Speech

    The Fed chairman's eagerly awaited speech at Jackson Hole was, as Gavyn Davies says, no more than a holding operation. I would have been astonished…

  • What Use Is a Libertarian?

    Libertarians should challenge both parties, not ally with either one

  • Obama's Missed Opportunity

    Obama could have used his New York mosque remarks to unify the country and raise its sights

  • What Obama Should Have Said

    From the left (broadly speaking) Obama is being criticized for spineless vacillation in walking back from his first statement on the mosque. From the…

  • Hillary for Vice President?

    Why should she settle for that?

  • Liberals for Obama

    They're merely attacking the president out of tough love, explains Robert Kuttner

  • Bombing Iran

    Jeffrey Goldberg's article for The Atlantic, "The Point of No Return", takes an issue of enormous importance, which has been on people's minds for ages -- and makes everything that has been written on the subject up to now seem completely inadequate

  • The False Fiscal Choice

    I admire this level-headed piece by the IMF's Olivier Blanchard and Carlo Cottarelli. The debate on the need for further fiscal stimulus in the US…

  • Cutting Spending Won't Do

    Rep. Paul Ryan's Roadmap falters because it refuses to consider tax increases

  • More on Taxes

    My Monday column on taxes met, shall we say, with a certain amount of skepticism. I argued that Obama needs to break his promise on taxes, and raise…

  • More on Climategate

    Responding to climate blogger Joe Romm on the Michael Mann investigation

  • Obama Must Break His Promise

    Once the recovery is secure, the president will have no choice but to raise taxes on all Americans -- not just the rich

  • Recommended Reading

    An Agnostic Manifesto. Ron Rosenbaum, Slate. An irreligious reply to the New Atheists. "At least we know what we don't know." (Missed this first time…

  • WikiLeak Ethics

    The startling volume of material released by Julian Assange's organization makes it hard to believe much care was taken to protect soldiers and allies

  • Quality of Death

    Atul Gawande's best piece yet centers on the pressure every doctor feels to mislead dying patients about their prospects, keeping hope alive where there is no hope

  • Who Killed Cap and Trade?

    Republicans, Democrats, climate scientists, and the White House are all implicated

  • The Market for Reason

    Here is an interesting and dare I say important article about the media's role in the Sherrod scandal by John Harris and Jim VandeHei at Politico.…


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