Clive Crook

  • Constitutional Idolatry

    Do we overvalue the Constitution?

  • Where Obama Went Wrong

    Instead of blessing leftist solutions and then retreating, he should have taken the lead in advocating centrist policies that a solid majority could get behind

  • The Pledge to America

    Was it a good idea for Republicans to issue their Pledge to America barely a month before the mid-term elections? I doubt it. They were doing pretty…

  • Bruce Ackerman on Senate Confirmations

    The manner of Elizabeth Warren's new appointment was understandable, but at the same time a sign of the Senate's disturbing paralysis when it comes to confirmations

  • Farewell, Then, Larry Summers

    This would be a good time to re-read Joshua Green's profile of Tim Geithner, and the subsequent discussion on his blog (my comment on the profile;…

  • The Tea Party and the GOP

    Democrats may be doomed for midterms, but in the long run, the Tea Party movement could alienate Republicans from the middle of the electorate

  • Krugman, Rajan, and the Causes of the Slump

    Paul Krugman and Robin Wells review three books on the financial crisis, including Raghuram Rajan's "Fault Lines". I thought Rajan's book was…

  • Is O'Donnell Just a Footnote?

    Sure, this year will likely be a good one for Republicans overall, but Tea Party enthusiasm could be a sign of troubles to come

  • Climategate Corrections and Revisions 2

    On August 3rd, I posted a further note on the inquiries into the Climategate scandal. After the jump, a corrected and revised version of this post.

  • Climategate Corrections and Revisions 1

    On July 14th, I posted a note on the inquiries into the Climategate scandal. After the jump, a corrected and revised version of this post.

  • OD'd in Delaware

    The Republican Party has failed to figure out how to accommodate Tea Party activists as well as more moderate conservatives--which could hinder its chances in November

  • Reforming US Immigration

    The US economy's long-term prospects are most seriously jeopardised, I believe, by the failure of its schools system and by a remarkably stupid…

  • New Rules on Bank Capital

    They're too timid, I argue in my new FT column.The proposed new ratios strike a compromise between countries (including the US and Britain) that…

  • Obama's Press Conference

    Obama lucked out and got to focus on Islam rather than the economy

  • Burning the Koran

    Why this controversy is less controversial and more clear-cut than the Ground Zero mosque

  • Obama's Ohio Speech

    Is attacking Boehner the best way to fire up the liberal base?

  • Obama Surrenders on Jobs

    We will see what the president has to say in Cleveland on Wednesday--according to the Washington Post, he will pitch the R&D tax credit but no…

  • What the Midterms Are About

    November's elections are not a referendum on Obama--they are a referendum on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid alliance

  • Simpler Taxes

    The President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, chaired by Paul Volcker, has published a report on simplifying the tax system. It's a pity the…

  • Obama's Broadcast on Iraq

    What did the president stand to accomplish from last night's speech?


A Stop-Motion Tour of New York City

A filmmaker animated hundreds of still photographs to create this Big Apple flip book


The Absurd Psychology of Restaurant Menus

Would people eat healthier if celery was called "cool celery?"


This Japanese Inn Has Been Open For 1,300 Years

It's one of the oldest family businesses in the world.


What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?

Science cannot fully explain near-death experiences.



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