Clive Crook

  • Constitutional Idolatry

    Do we overvalue the Constitution?

  • Where Obama Went Wrong

    Instead of blessing leftist solutions and then retreating, he should have taken the lead in advocating centrist policies that a solid majority could get behind

  • The Pledge to America

    Was it a good idea for Republicans to issue their Pledge to America barely a month before the mid-term elections? I doubt it. They were doing pretty…

  • Bruce Ackerman on Senate Confirmations

    The manner of Elizabeth Warren's new appointment was understandable, but at the same time a sign of the Senate's disturbing paralysis when it comes to confirmations

  • Farewell, Then, Larry Summers

    This would be a good time to re-read Joshua Green's profile of Tim Geithner, and the subsequent discussion on his blog (my comment on the profile;…

  • The Tea Party and the GOP

    Democrats may be doomed for midterms, but in the long run, the Tea Party movement could alienate Republicans from the middle of the electorate

  • Krugman, Rajan, and the Causes of the Slump

    Paul Krugman and Robin Wells review three books on the financial crisis, including Raghuram Rajan's "Fault Lines". I thought Rajan's book was…

  • Is O'Donnell Just a Footnote?

    Sure, this year will likely be a good one for Republicans overall, but Tea Party enthusiasm could be a sign of troubles to come

  • Climategate Corrections and Revisions 2

    On August 3rd, I posted a further note on the inquiries into the Climategate scandal. After the jump, a corrected and revised version of this post.

  • Climategate Corrections and Revisions 1

    On July 14th, I posted a note on the inquiries into the Climategate scandal. After the jump, a corrected and revised version of this post.

  • OD'd in Delaware

    The Republican Party has failed to figure out how to accommodate Tea Party activists as well as more moderate conservatives--which could hinder its chances in November

  • Reforming US Immigration

    The US economy's long-term prospects are most seriously jeopardised, I believe, by the failure of its schools system and by a remarkably stupid…

  • New Rules on Bank Capital

    They're too timid, I argue in my new FT column.The proposed new ratios strike a compromise between countries (including the US and Britain) that…

  • Obama's Press Conference

    Obama lucked out and got to focus on Islam rather than the economy

  • Burning the Koran

    Why this controversy is less controversial and more clear-cut than the Ground Zero mosque

  • Obama's Ohio Speech

    Is attacking Boehner the best way to fire up the liberal base?

  • Obama Surrenders on Jobs

    We will see what the president has to say in Cleveland on Wednesday--according to the Washington Post, he will pitch the R&D tax credit but no…

  • What the Midterms Are About

    November's elections are not a referendum on Obama--they are a referendum on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid alliance

  • Simpler Taxes

    The President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, chaired by Paul Volcker, has published a report on simplifying the tax system. It's a pity the…

  • Obama's Broadcast on Iraq

    What did the president stand to accomplish from last night's speech?


A History of Contraception

In the 16th century, men used linen condoms laced shut with ribbons.


'A Music That Has No End'

In Spain, a flamenco guitarist hustles to make a modest living.


What Fifty Shades Left Out

A straightforward guide to BDSM



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