Clive Crook

  • Alain Enthoven on Ryan's Medicare Plan

    The Republican's indexation formula is too severe, says the pioneer of "managed competition" and authority on health-care economics, but the basic idea is sound

  • Germany's Nonsensical Energy Policy

    The government says it will shut down its nuclear power industry by 2011 and promises to reduce carbon emissions at the same time

  • A Conversation With Three Central Bankers

    In Madrid on Monday I moderated a discussion on global finance organized by the Aspen Institute Espana. The speakers were Paul Volcker, Agustin…

  • Unions, the NLRB, and Boeing

    My column for the Financial Times this week is on the complaint that the National Labor Relations Board has brought against Boeing. The aircraft…

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    On the IMF and U.S. taxes

  • Europe's Debt Crisis

    Martin Feldstein argues that Greece must (a) default and (b) take a leave of absence from the euro. Neither will be easy to arrange, but it is…

  • California's Prisons

    Incarceration is the great American exception. The rest of the world contemplates the US prison system with disgust; here, it arouses surprisingly…

  • The Meaning of NY-26

    Republicans started a fight over Medicare, and in this week's special House election, they lost it

  • Who Should Lead the IMF?

    The next head of the IMF is expected to be Christine Lagarde. Europe's leaders are converging on this appointment and if the US goes along the deal…

  • Can DSK Expect a Fair Trial?

    Deference to the politically powerful is a hideous trait, not least when it leads to a code of silence (de facto or de jure) about improper conduct…

  • Obama and Cameron: Strictly Business

    The US and Britain have a natural alliance based on a close alignment of interests and values. But that is all it is.

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    On Obama's roots and his speech at AIPAC this weekend

  • Debt Crisis? What Debt Crisis?

    Washington is still blithely unconcerned about the debt-ceiling. It has come to something when people are discussing different kinds of default, as…

  • Exit Daniels

    What the GOP is losing, as the Indiana governor decides not to run for president in 2012

  • Stanley Fischer and the IMF

    In my view the ex-MIT, ex-IMF, ex-World Bank and current governor of the Bank of Israel would make the best choice to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn

  • Obama's Shocking Speech on the Middle East

    I was mystified by the instant reaction claiming to see a bold new departure. I haven't been paying close enough attention, I thought. But if Jeff finds it puzzling, I'm reassured.

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    Everything from "Why American needs Israel" to "DSK did not lead the IMF that well"

  • No More Gang of Six?

    A major setback for fiscal politics, as Sen. Tom Coburn withdraws from the bipartisan coalition

  • Gingrich's Campaign Looks Over Before It Begins

    He clashed with Paul Ryan over Medicare. He voiced support for individual mandates. How can he win with Republicans in 2012?

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    Why the job market feels so dismal. Edward Lazear, WSJ. A clear account of how jobs turn over in a healthy economy. The problem now is not layoffs…


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