Clive Crook

  • The Fed's New Twist

    The Fed's latest unorthodox intervention-- "Operation Twist", which involves selling $400 billion in short-dated debt and using the proceeds to buy…

  • Why Americans Love Unions (and Politicians)

    How to retire at 50 from a $56,000 public-sector job and collect $5m in taxpayer-funded pension. (Thanks to James Taranto for the link.) The Chicago…

  • Troy Davis

    The strongest case against the death penalty, I have always thought, is simply that it is irreversible, and criminal justice is prone to error. The…

  • The New New Obama

    The president vacillates between centrism and pleasing his base. After his latest jobs proposal, he should be wary of Democratic glee.

  • Waiting for the White House (and the Super Committee)

    On Monday the Obama administration has promised to spell out its thinking on long-term deficit reduction. Something to read while you're waiting:…

  • Rethinking Central Banking

    An event at the Brookings Institution launched a new report, Rethinking Central Banking, by a team of economic eminences including Barry Eichengreen…

  • Obama's Reset and the American Jobs Act

    In a column for the FT I explain why I like the American Jobs Act, and offer the president a bit of advice on how to sell it.Mr Obama cannot lead…

  • Remembering 9/11

    The most paralyzing part of that day was watching the towers fall

  • Obama's New Stimulus

    President Obama's speech to Congress was impressive. Good to see some leading from the front, for a change. The tone was commanding, confident, and…

  • What Obama Should Say on Thursday

    The president needs to be bold -- and that means offering ideas, like more stimulus, that even members of his own party won't like

  • Wall Street Journal and AFL-CIO Unite

    It's not every day that you see the editors of the Wall Street Journal agreeing with the leaders of the AFL-CIO on an issue of economic policy. Both…

  • What Is the Fed Waiting For?

    In a new FT column I discuss some of the arguments for and against additional monetary stimulus. On balance, I'm for it--and I wouldn't bet against…

  • Apple After Jobs

    Apple's share price shrugged as though the resignation of the company's visionary leader hardly mattered. That surprised me. Of course it helps…

  • A Critique of Pure Gold

    A lot of Tea Party types want to put the US back on the gold standard. One wonders how many of them even know what this means. Barry Eichengreen…

  • The Texan Climate, and Other Unfair Advantages

    There's a lot to digest about Rick Perry and the Texas Miracle/Unmiracle. ProPublica has a nice reading guide on the topic. It mentions Paul Burka's…

  • The Fed Needs a New Target

    In my column for the FT this week I write about a subject which is freshly topical in the US but which takes me back 25 years to the debate in…

  • Will the Supercommittee Deadlock?

    Its members are not incapable of compromise, but a stalemate over spending and taxes could be the most likely outcome

  • How Obama Can Win

    Hint: Don't spend time bashing Mitt Romney, and don't try to sell Americans on more stimulus spending

  • Welfare-State Mobs

    I've been watching the news from London and the UK with dismay -- but not, altogether, with surprise

  • Some Thoughts on the S&P Downgrade

    The downgrade didn't tell us anything new about U.S. finances


A History of Contraception

In the 16th century, men used linen condoms laced shut with ribbons.


'A Music That Has No End'

In Spain, a flamenco guitarist hustles to make a modest living.


What Fifty Shades Left Out

A straightforward guide to BDSM



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