Christian Wiman

Christian Wiman is the editor of Poetry magazine. His most recent book is Hard Night.

  • My Stop Is Grand

    I have no illusion. some fusion. of force and form. will save me, bewilderment. of bonelight. ungrave me. as when the L shooting…

  • Lord Is Not a Word

    Lord is not a word. Song is not a salve. Suffer the child, who lived. on sunlight and solitude. Savor the man, craving. earth like an aftertaste…

  • From a Window

    Incurable and unbelieving. In any truth but the truth of grieving, I saw a tree inside a tree. Rise kaleidoscopically. As if the leaves had…

  • Influential Poets

    Walt Whitman (1819-1892) Wikimedia Commons The most influential American poet, beyond question. He was our first memoirist, our…

  • Postolka (Prague)

    When I was learning words. and you were in the bath. there was a flurry of small birds. and in the aftermath. of all that panicked flight - as…

  • Darkness Starts

    A shadow in the shape of a house. slides out of a house. and loses its shape on the lawn. Trees seek each other. as the wind within them…


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