Have Women Achieved Equality? America Says: Sorta

A new poll finds that Millennial men are least likely to see the need for further progress.

One can argue at length about how much progress the United States has made towards male-female equality over the past 20 years (my vote: less than you probably think). But the trend in public opinion about the topic is clear. According to Pew's newest survey on gender in the workplace, 45 percent of Americans believe society, as a whole, favors men over women, down from 62 percent in 1993. There remains a massive gap between men and women on the issue, but most seem to think America is a more equitable place in 2013. 

Attitudes change a bit when Pew asks specifically about the economy. A majority of both men and women still believe more should be done "to bring about equality in the workplace." So have women achieved equality? America's answer is: "sorta-kinda."

That said, it seems noteworthy that Millennial men, having been surrounded by high achieving women for most of their lives, are least likely to see the need for further progress. Movements like feminism really can become victims of their own success.

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Jordan Weissmann is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic.

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