FULL DISCLOSURE: I am in love with Peter Suderman, which is convenient, because we are dating

So Yasha Levine and Mark Ames are claiming victory for their Playboy piece claiming Rick Santelli was a plant by a vast Koch-funded conspiracy to spill tea all over the streets of our nation's cities.  We know this because I am dating Peter Suderman.

This does not quite seem to follow, does it?  I offer their explanation:

Right, so even though Megan has about as gigantic a conflict-of-interest as is humanly imaginable-namely, she spoons every night with a guy who was on Freedomworks' payroll--and even though her article absolutely defends Freedomworks by attempting to discredit Freedomworks' critics--she nevertheless concludes, against all logic, "I think it's kosher." Speaking as two Jews to a McArdle, we want you to know that your conflict-of-interest is about as kosher as a bacon-cheese-and-crab-melt sandwich.

Megan leaves out a few other details--like what exactly her partner Peter Suderman did for FreedomWorks, and how long ago he left.

One project that Megan's life-partner, Peter, produced for FreedomWorks is a video that he directed last year for the site angryrenter.com, which the Wall Street Journal described in its subheader as: "Angry Renter' Web Site Has Grass-Roots Look, But This Turf Is Fake". Fake grass-roots: exactly like the Tea Party/Santelli campaign . . .

And now, here is Megan McArdle's life-partner Peter Suderman's brilliant work for the site that even the Journal says is designed to deceive people into thinking it was representing the disgruntled masses in order to mask its real purpose--to serve the super-wealthy:

What other projects, one wonders, do the Megan-Peter team produce that masquerade as one thing (like for example a non-partisan blog) that really serves another interest (like for example, a certain mega-wealthy rightwing Republican advocacy group)? We may never find out the answer to that, but we sure know the answers to other important matters in Megan's life. Like for example, here is the freakishly-tall Megan McArdle showing the world her "look at me and my life-partner Peter Suderman being a pair of vile consumerists dipshits, I think it's so fun that I'll blog it to the world because that's how vain and shallow I am"

. . .  Ha-ha! Omigod Megan, seriously! It's like, you go girl! Ha-ha!

If you've ever looked at those horrible middle-aged Republican couples who attend Washington balls and fundraisers for soulless reptiles like Mitt Romney, and wondered how they got there, because they look like they must have been born in that horrible middle-aged reptilian state--well, here they are, captured in their middle-youth larval stage, just as vile as ever. And now they're coming after us.

. . . Another late-night development: obsessed Freedomworks groupie/life-partner-of-the-inimitable-Peter-Suderman/I'll-stand-in-any-line-out-there-so-long-as-it's-selling-something-no-one-fucking-needs Megan McArdle, reports on her blog an amazing admission-of-guilt by Freedomworks which pretty much puts this whole controversy to rest. Victory: Ours. The head of Freedomworks tells Megan that they were behind the tea party "grassroots" "protests." Poor Megan, first she was their attack poodle, but now that FreedomWorks knows its cover has been blown, Megan's been demoted to the role of disgraced Freedomworks watergirl: . . . The head of Freedomworks tells Megan that they were behind the tea party "grassroots" "protests." Poor Megan, first she was their attack poodle, but now that FreedomWorks knows its cover has been blown, Megan's been demoted to the role of disgraced Freedomworks watergirl. . . 

Sorry Megan, but it looks like you just queefed all over your first big Republican hit-job. Our advice: go back to blogging your petty shopping habits, you've got a serious future in that.  . . .

So, to sum up the events of the past few days boys 'n' girls: We publish an investigation into the fake-grassroots "Tea Party" protest campaign underwritten by rich Republican rightwing interests, exposing Rick Santelli's role as the launch event MC, and three days later, Santelli is bitchslapped down by his bosses, he's cancelled from the Daily Show, forced to issue a Bukharin-like confession, FreedomWorks confesses that it was behind it from the start as we wrote, and every media outlet in the country from the New York Times on down is writing up the scandal. 

Yes, it's a victory for us and for the forces of independent journalism. Sure, we're doing a dirty chicken dance in the endzone now. But the truth is, it's a bitter victory, because we've also been forced to confront the awfully familiar face of America's own version of the Soviet Union at work: giant scary corporations threatening and scaring smaller fish into censorship, while their bought-off minions in the media do their dirty work to try to protect the mega-conglomerate's brand.

I hadn't realized that my romantic life was a threat to the very foundations of Democracy.  I just thought we were, like, decorating.

Their piece contains yet another factual error:  on July 10th, when Peter and I slept out in line for the iPhone, we weren't dating.  We were good-ish friends.  In the interests of absolutely full disclosure on this vital topic, Peter Suderman had that very week left his job at Freedomworks, and was about to join the ill-fated Culture11.  The two of us decided to camp out in line three weeks before, at a party which I believe to have been hosted by Matthew Yglesias and his roommates, though it could also have been at one of a half-dozen other friends.  We met up that evening at a book party for Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat, and then decamped for Virginia.  While it is true that we shared a queen-sized air mattress for several hours, Peter was a perfect gentleman.

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Megan McArdle is a columnist at Bloomberg View and a former senior editor at The Atlantic. Her new book is The Up Side of Down.

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